2019 Innovation Award Winners

2019 Innovation Award Winners

Green Industry Innovators Take Center Stage

At Reinders 24th Green Industry Conference, all eyes will be focused on Industry Innovation.

Reinders has hand-picked select customers — spanning various segments of the green industry — as Innovation Award winners for their excellent work on unique and innovative projects.

These stories serve as prime examples of contractors, specialists, manufacturers and superintendents utilizing the latest in green industry products and technology to create innovative projects that stand out among the rest. 

Congratulations to the 2019 Reinders Innovation Award winners. 

Innovation Award Winner | Westmoor Country Club (Toro Environmental Stewardship)

Westmoor uses Toro’s ‘myTurf’ software to wirelessly monitor their equipment fleet. The Toro utility vehicles as well as the greens and fairway mowers are all connected wirelessly via their shop-based myTurf modem. Toro myTurf logs equipment information such as run time, fuel use, and labor expenses. In addition to logging vehicle data, MyTurf keeps track of past maintenance history and alerts Westmoor staff when it’s necessary to fix or maintain a piece of equipment.

Whereas mileage and maintenance history is typically tracked manually, myTurf handles the data logging but also reminds operators of routine maintenance. It’s keeping a close eye on the status and performance of your prized possessions (your equipment fleet) while opening up time to tackle other valuable projects on the course.

Innovation Award Winner | Extreme Exteriors (Aquatics / Outdoor Living)

Jamon Peterson and the Extreme Exteriors team tackled the renovation of what was an existing trickling stream. Challenges included runoff flows upwards of 50 GPM and optimizing the 80 GPM flow from a well pump that also fed a feature on a neighbor’s property.

To address  runoff issues, Jamon and his crew were able to create a diversion pipe system that rerouted flow around the particular area they were working on to prevent water from washing out the base material under the liner.

To maintain the 80 GPM flow from the well pump, but prevent a tidal wave of water when the main pumps were shut down, Jamon’s team installed a secondary pump set to a level control system that slowly released water from the reservoir to allow room for the main flow to be captured.

The result was a 425′ stream, which required a 5000-gallon storage reservoir (Aquascape Aquablock Water Matrix Cubes) and an Aqua Control 5HP Waterfall pump capable of emitting 450 gallons per minute.

Innovation Award Winner | Twilight Solutions (Landscape Lighting)

Jon and Twilight Solutions were faced with the challenge of lighting the walls and (curved) ceiling of a barn for a wedding. Any professional lighting contractor knows the difficulty in working with curved walls and creating a uniform effect, all while concealing the fixtures and controlling glare. It’s not easy.

Jon and his team retrofitted some of the original 120V lighting infrastructure and worked with Lisa Rouskey of Reinders Lighting Field Team to program the FX Luminaire Luxor Controller and FX Luminaire ZDC fixtures. The client was able to control several transformers from her phone, adjusting interior and exterior scenes with the touch of a finger.

Legacy of Innovation Award Winner | David J. Frank 

To honor and recognize their ability to adapt, persevere and remain a giant in the Wisconsin green industry, we’re proud to honor longtime friend and loyal customer David J. Frank Landscape Contracting with the 2019 Legacy of Innovation Award. 

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