Product Spotlight – Landscape Lighting Edition

Let’s face it, there are countless ways that lighting can enhance a space. From path lights to flood lamps, and everything in between, it’s unrealistic to keep everything on hand. And with a never-ending stream of new products hitting the market, it can be hard to figure out what you absolutely need in your lighting arsenal. That’s where we come in!

We recently polled some of our top lighting experts to give you a sneak peek at what are sure to be the hot products for the lighting season!

FX Luminaire

FX RGBW Strip Lighting

FX SRP Strip Lighting

FX Luminaire’s SRP Series Strip Lights make it easier than ever to illuminate stair ledges, outdoor patios, hardscape elements, and more. These highly versatile lights are compatible with a full spectrum of accessories, ensuring easy installation in a wide variety of settings. With the RGBW edition, you can choose from two convenient control options: Standalone or Luxor Mode. For compatibility with any low-voltage transformer, Standalone Mode will let you manually set Hue, Saturation, and Intensity. Luxor Mode allows a Luxor Controller to assign a Group, and set Hue, Saturation, and Intensity values. 

FX Luxor Cubes

FX MR16 LED ZD Flood Lamp

When paired with you Luxor ZD or ZDC controllers, FX Luxor Cubes allow you to zone and dim lighting fixtures and other devices that don’t have built-in FX technology, enhancing the range and scope of your projects. In addition to controlling carriage, entry pillar, and holiday or bistro lights, FX Luxor Cubes even allows control of water feature pumps, automatic gates, and any item with a relay input.

The FX MR16 LED ZD Flood Lamp converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures, making it a cost-effective replacement to lights that would normally burn a hole in your customers’ pockets. When connected to a Luxor ZD or ZDC controller, these flood lamps add zoning, dimming, and Wi-Fi control capabilities to any brand of low voltage lighting fixture. 


Adjustable Wall Wash Light

Kichler Adjustable Wall Wash Lights into any project to give it the glow you’ve been looking for. They are equipped with four-lumen levels  in each fixture for quick and easy adjustment during or after installation with the Lumen Effect System. These lights are perfect for illuminating wide trees, bushes, and shrubs, or open surfaces like walls, fences, and environmental structures.  


Patio Series Audio System with Amp

Sonance Patio Series is the audio system that will bring an outdoor recreation project to the next level and provide an immersive music experience that emanates, seemingly, from everywhere. Blending into the surrounding landscape with ease, the four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer provide even, balanced coverage for areas up to 1,000 SQ FT.

WAC Lighting

Surface Mounted Step Lights

LED Grand Accent Lights

Coming in a variety of colors and color temps, the WAC Surface Mounted Step Lights blend seamlessly into your outdoor spaces. Illuminate your steps without drawing attention to the light itself.

Modernize your projects with the WAC LED Grand Accent Lights. Providing the perfect accent to any outdoor living space, and featuring adjustable and lockable beam angles, a single fixture is enough to replace all older halogen landscape accent lights. 

Linear Path Lights

2" LED Submersible Lights

WAC’s Linear Path Lights are versatile and powerful LED solutions for accenting or grazing any landscape. Featuring an adjustable anti-glare shroud, you’ll be able to control the beams and avoid harsh visual glares with ease.

The WAC 2″ LED Submersible Lights are perfect for washing walkways with a shadow-free, smooth illumination. With an IP68 Rating, they are even suitable for continuous immersion under water or in wet landscapes.


Bollard Lights

Constructed from US Grade steel, Nightscaping Bollard Lights are the perfect way to add character to any outdoor project. With their new “Continuous Effect” designs, uninterrupted displays of patterns on 2 or more sides of the luminaire are sure to provide a unique sense of wonder. Coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s a bollard perfect for every garden and landscape.

Cast Lighting

Large Bamboo/Cattail Path Lights

The Large Bamboo/Cattail Path Lights are designed to beautifully illuminate your outdoor space while integrating into, and enhancing the landscape with pops of light. These lights will fit into any outdoor design with their slim profile that melds into the natural floral surroundings to create a soft, ambient light.

Interested in learning more?

These are just some of the countless products we’re excited to provide you. If you would like to see any of these, or any other lighting products in person, our team is always ready to provide a demonstration! Fill out the form here, and we’ll find a time to connect.

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