5 Benefits of Professionally Installed Holiday Lighting

5 Benefits of Professionally Installed Holiday Lighting

Seasonal lighting doesn’t have to be a hassle, and we’ll show you five reasons why. 

This year, it’s an excellent idea to use professional installers for Christmas lighting and displays of any size for homes and businesses. From the festive, clean look to the headache-free installation, the benefits of using professional installers are second-to-none.

Whether you’re selling your holiday lighting installation services or reiterating the value that customers get by hiring a professional to install Christmas lights and displays, these five benefits will help you shine (and thrive) this season. 

Check out 5 Benefits of Professionally Installed Holiday Lighting and What Value They Provide to the Customer

1. Expertise & Product Knowledge

By using professional installers, your customers receive the most efficient LED products, like a wide array of Christmas LED string lights in various bulb sizes. You’re able to offer several options to ensure the customer gets exactly what they’re looking for.

Holiday lighting isn’t the easiest product line to jump into. There are different wattages and connection types on top of technical safety requirements, etc., that you are knowledgeable about. This expertise allows your customers to feel comfortable and confident in your work.

As an expert in the field, you can also assist with RGB lights and more technical aspects of the installation— something that homeowners and business owners don’t necessarily have the time (or want) to think about.

2. Design Advice

Trained lighting professionals understand proper light levels and incorporate many visual design techniques that can take your displays, landscape, or business to another level. The customer may not realize this, instead only thinking of the physical labor of putting up Christmas lights. Sell that creative eye!

Your years of installation expertise lends to a keen eye for seasonal lighting design, apart from your efficiency and knowledge in the technical side of the installation. Let the customer know that the aesthetic of their holiday display is in the right hands.

Design advice may be important for some customers, like small business owners. Decorating a business can put shoppers in a cheery holiday mood with a festive and well-lit exterior. A well-designed holiday lighting display will make businesses stand out from their competition, and homeowners stand out from their neighbors.

3. Efficient and Hassle-Free Installation

Your professional services go far beyond hassle-free light installation. Convey to the customer that professional contractors have a plan not only for maintenance during the season but also for afterward; they handle all aspects of the takedown. The installer even stores all lights and accessories, so the homeowner has no responsibility other than to sit back and enjoy their lights. Once the customer hears that they’re totally hands-off, they’ll be relieved that there’s one less thing to worry about during an often-chaotic time. 

Efficiency is a huge selling point for your professional light installation business or services. A homeowner putting up Christmas lights can (and most likely will) take several hours, if not days. A team of professional light installers (like you) will knock out a job in a much shorter time frame. The quicker the installation, the sooner the lights will shine with a festive glow, and the sooner the customer can bask in the holiday magic.

Avoid working in the cold and avoid risky installation conditions, like working on rooftops and ladders. Efficient work is essential for your business but not as crucial as you and your teams’ safety. Always remain cautious!

4. High-Quality Products

What sets your holiday lighting business apart from the average homeowner installing their own seasonal lights is your access to high-quality products. You’ll provide the customer with contractor-grade, UL tested lights — not your average big-box store lights.

You have innovative products that aid in your value, like commercial LED light strings with co-axial connections, to provide exceptional durability all season long, no matter snow or shine.

5. Dedicated Customer Service

Elaborate lighting displays can deem as high-tech and challenging for some homeowners to operate or troubleshoot on their own. The intimidation of dealing with potential lighting issues is often an obstacle for prospective seasonal lighting customers. 

It’s important to convey to the customer that you will stand by your products and service not only during installation but after. Your dedicated customer service adds another element of professionalism combined with your technical installation expertise and your creative eye for design. Go on and say it… you’re a triple threat! 

Let the customer know you have insurance if anything with your lights were to malfunction; this is another cherry on top of your holiday lighting installation business sundae. 

With these five benefits, you’ll not only be able to sell your installation business and services, but you’ll also give customers peace-of-mind and enthusiastic confidence to work with you.

Seasonal lighting is festive and joyful, and with your professional holiday lighting installation, customers can reap the many benefits of a gorgeous display. We guarantee their neighbors will be jealous.

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