5 Tips to be Smarter with your Irrigation

5 Tips to be Smarter with your Irrigation

Be Smart. Save Water.

Water conservation is now a responsibility for every employee in the Green Industry. Reinders can help make it easier by offering the latest education and matching you up with the perfect smart-irrigation products to help you reach your conservation goals.

Both residential and commercial systems can benefit from improving their water efficiency efforts, and Reinders’ product line has you covered. Here are 5 tips to make water conservation easier through simple, smart irrigation.

1. Inspect Your System Regularly

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(via epa.gov/watersense/fix-leak-week)

Evaluating your system and yard sounds like it would be a hassle but it is one thing you must diligently check before getting ready for the next season. There are a few simple steps that you can take during your inspection that will go a long way towards saving water and preventing wastage.

  • Repair and Replace all Leaks and Broken Equipment
    It’s estimated by the EPA that even a small leak, as thick as a dime, can cause over 6,300 gallons of water wastage per month!
  • Make Sure your Soil is Thawed Properly
    Although your top soil may look ready for some healthy watering, the soil underneath always takes a while longer to thaw (soil should be frost-free 12\” deep). Starting your sprinkler system before your soil is ready can result in damage to your pipes.
  • Check Your Controller
    You should run a check on your irrigation controls and programs at least every 6 months to make sure the settings are appropriate for your landscape’s watering needs. Be sure to purchase the right controller for your needs as they vary based on location & climate. Rain Bird\’s ESP-ME Series 4 Station WiFi Enabled Controller is a great example of being flexible enough to fit most landscaping needs, while other controllers are suited for specific situations.

2. Timing is Everything

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Mistiming when you are watering can spell disaster for both your landscape and your monthly water bill. There are two important rules regarding irrigation that can help you save time and money:

  • Water in the Morning
    Watering between 5 AM and 10 AM will yield the most efficient results as the sun is low, winds are generally calmer, and temperatures are cool. This will allow you to avoid water loss due to evaporation and windy conditions.
  • Don’t Water in the Rain
    Watering in the rain or 48 hours after heavy rainfall in the case of commercial landscapes is one of the largest contributors to water waste. Rain sensors, like the Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor, can register when it rains and automatically shut off your sprinkler system. You should never have to worry about water waste during rain showers.

3. Don’t Over Water

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Many sprinkler systems are set to irrigate in excess, meaning runoff, unhealthy landscapes, and soggy, overwatered soil. Here are a few ideas to ensure your landscape remains properly watered throughout the season:

  • Adjust Your Watering Times
    The greatest amount of water waste occurs when too much water is applied at one time. You’ll experience heavy runoffs and the inability of the soil to absorb the water. Try to split when your watering into shorter, more frequent sessions.
  • Replace Your Older Nozzles
    Older models of sprinkler nozzles are much less efficient than modern versions. Simply replacing your older nozzles with a model like the Hunter MP1000 Series Adjustable Rotator can lead to gallons of savings throughout the season.
  • Water Only When Needed
    Overwatering can cause an excess of moisture and bacteria or fungus to flourish in your landscape. To prevent this, water only when you see leaves begin to curl and the grass doesn’t bounce back right away.

4. Always Hit Your Target

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Making sure to keep your water on target with your landscape needs watering is crucial to conserving and being efficient with your water. Choose areas where your spray path will not be obstructed by anything other than plants or parts of the landscape. At the same time, adjust the spray radius of bordering heads so that you’re not watering the sidewalks, driveways, or buildings.

5. Use the Right Products

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Choosing the right products for the job is the most important part of the irrigation process. Knowing what products your landscape needs is the foundation of reducing your waste, increasing your efficiency, and lowering your monthly water bill.

Whether you are a seasoned contractor or a beginning homeowner, Reinders has product offerings guaranteed to fit your situation. Become more precise with your watering schedule and try a controller or simply upgrade your existing system with new rotors to prevent leaks and wasted water.

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