5Qs / 5As with Twins Groundskeeper Larry DiVito

5Qs / 5As with Twins Groundskeeper Larry DiVito

Timing is everything in turfgrass and tarps.

Until recently, no one was allowed to touch the mound at Target Field other than two people: The pitcher and Head Groundskeeper Larry DiVito.   

Now in his 9th season with the Twins, DiVito has relaxed that rule a bit, allowing a longtime assistant to help shape the clay that sits atop the center of attention. (And it’s absolutely hands-off for interns.)

Nonetheless, DiVito is still very much a “working manager” — making sure the heating system maintains a 62-64 degree soil temperature this spring while growing gorgeous turf on top. DiVito and his crew have been working diligently to maintain the Profile Turface Elite custom-blend Minnesota Twins field dirt. 

“Most of the time I’m managing dirt,” says DiVito – whose tenure with the Twins is his third team in the majors, and fourth in a major metro area.

DiVito works with the Twins to create optimal and sustainable conditions – ensuring the .85″ outfield cut depth creates a speedy Kentucky Bluegrass that meets the wishes of base coaches and outfielders. And a field that can withstand wear and tear – not only from 80+ regular season home games but also from the four planned concerts in a 7.5-week stretch planned for Summer 2018.

DiVito, a longtime customer, sat down with Reinders during a break at a recent seminar to kindly answer a few of our Qs. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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