9 Reasons to Sign-up for Reinders Online Store

9 Reasons to Sign-up for Reinders Online Store

Quick and Easy Online Ordering

1. Always open online. Choose from thousands of products anytime, anywhere. We actually had a customer place an order from his cab on-course last week. (Impressive WiFi!)

Just completed my first transaction @Reindersinc online store from the cab on the course. Awesome online store @JustinBicek pic.twitter.com/Me8ZK2GzBV

— Aaron Johnson (@arjohnson227) April 17, 2017

2. View your company discounts. The price you pay in store will be the same online, every time.

3. Access your open orders, order history and invoices Reinders.com is more than a place to shop — it’s an easily accessible database for everyone from accounting to assistants.

4. Quickly research products on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Looking for that very specific hose that your team can’t live without? Use our enhanced search bar on any device to quickly find the products you needed yesterday.

5. Once signed in, you’ll see real-time inventory status. Our warehouse availability sets us apart. Chances are we have it, or can get it soon. No more guessing whether that sprinkler is available — you’ll know for sure. (And yes it is.)

6. Save carts, products and time Reinders.com is kiiind of like a virtual elephant: It never forgets your orders, even if you do. Save your order after dinner, check out after breakfast.

7. Best-in-class product information at your fingertips. Our team has worked with every vendor to collect the latest educational videos, technical manuals and up-to-date, accurate product specifications.

8. Add a new address or access existing “ship to” addresses. You’ll never again have to guess where you’ve been or where your deliveries are going.

9. Receive an additional 1% discount for online orders, automatically. As a special benefit for our Reinders business customers we’ve created an additional 1% whole order discount for any order placed on Reinders.com in 2017. Every day we’re working to enhance our online store – this is just one more reason to buy online.

For any questions or inquiries regarding a Reinders Online Account, please contact our E-Commerce team at webadmin@reinders.com.

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