Back to Basics – Mechanical Snow Removal

Back to Basics - Mechanical Snow Removal

The ‘ole One –Two Punch Snow Removal

Walk behind snow removal tools are often the work horse of winter management programs.  Properties with ‘endless’ sidewalks, short drives, hard to reach high foot traffic areas rely on physically sweeping, shoveling or blowing the snow away for safe passage.   

Before sending the team out, know your snow.  The difference between a light dusting and heavy wet snow can make a big difference on the tools and ice melt product you load the trucks with.  Avoid compaction and overuse of ice melt product with early and often physical removal of the snow.

Here it comes… the one-two punch.  Breaking down your opponent, snow, as quickly and simply as possible is the ideal.  Incorporating the one-pass and two-pass methods will give you the upper hand.

  • Often for a lighter snow, one pass over with the broom or shovel brings the pavement to nearly bare. Sprinkle, not pour, appropriate ice melt and *BOOM* done!
  • For longer or heavier events, a two-pass method may provide better results. This method involves using two different tools to more effectively clear an area. The first pass will remove the bulk of the snow, and the second pass will get closer to the pavement. One example is first snow blowing an area to remove heavy snow then following it with a shovel to remove what is left on the pavement clearing the way for a sprinkling of appropriate ice melt.
  • From a cost and environmental impact standpoint, you will be rewarded with a lower salt operation and less damage to infrastructure and the environment. If you are early and aggressive enough with your manual removal, less ice melt will be required turning into a cost savings. 

Tools for the One-Pass Method:

Seymour Heavy-Duty Corn Broom

Swiftly remove snow dustings and light precipitation with this contractor-grade corn broom, making the one-pass removal method a breeze.

Yo-Ho Poly Snow Shovel with Wear Strip

The Yo-Ho Poly Snow Shovel features a flat rectangular 13” X 18” blade to scoop up and glide right through light snow easily. It features a poly-ergo “D” shaped grip and a 38” steel handle with a vinyl jacket. 

Structron Hi-Vis Snow Shovel

If you’re working through a long-forecasted snowstorm to lessen the chance of compaction, a high visibility snow shovel like the Structron Hi-Vis Snow Shovel is the right tool for you. It features an 18” 50/50 polycarbonate & ABS blend blade to remove light snow effortlessly.

Tools for the Two-Pass Method:

Toro 721E Power Clear® Commercial Snow Blower

This Toro snow blower is powerful and efficient. It features a useful electric start with the push of a button, a powerful 212cc 4-Cycle OHV engine to launch snow up to 35 feet away, and a self-propel system to get you moving quickly. 

Toro Power Max® 824 OE Snow Blower

Make quick work of hard, compressed snow with Toro’s PowerMax® 824 OE snow blower with electric start. It’s ideal for concrete, asphalt, or gravel surfaces, throwing snow up to 45 feet away with a 24” clearing width. It features an anti-clogging system, effortless chute control, and oversized hardened gears and shaft to withstand extreme stress.

Snowcaster 30” Manual Snow Pusher 

Commercial-grade snow pushers act as a bulldozer-type force, pushing the snow out of the way and onto the side of driveways, walkways, or sidewalks. Instead of scooping, they plow through the snow quickly yet forcefully. This is the perfect tool for removing any leftover snow after an initial pass with a snow blower to get right down to the pavement. The Snowcaster has a 30” heavy-duty aluminum blade that will last for several seasons.

Seymour – Super Scraper with 54″ Handle

Sometimes compaction of the frozen stuff is unavoidable.  When that happens, be on the ready with a heavy duty steel head ice scraper.

Now that you’ve proactively worked to remove snow and ice, it’s time to consider granular ice melt.  Knowing the pavement temperature will help your team choose.  Sprinkling, not pouring, will help keep surfaces safe and easier to clear the next event’s dumping. 

Ice Melt go-to Suggestions:

Reinders No More Ice™ Melter 

An economical blended choice: Reinders No More IceMelter melts snow and ice effectively to -0°F with its blend of Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride. It features colored crystals to increase spread visibility, it will not track onto carpets and floors. 

Reinders Meteor Melt™

This fast-acting deicer melts snow and ice to -20°F with a 3-way blend of Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride. The professional mix attracts moisture from the air to quickly create heat to melt snow and ice. The blue-colored crystals increase spread visibility as well, without tracking onto floors and carpets. 

With early and aggressive manual snow removal followed by a thoughtful sprinkling of granular ice melt, your high and low traffic areas will be kept safe for others all season long. At the same time, your budget stays in check and your customers rave about your service!

Visit Reinders today to add reliable snow shovels, snow blowers, and granular ice melts to your fleet. From product recommendations to best practices, we have a team of knowledgeable experts ready to make your winter season hassle-free.

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