Backyard Lounge Walk-through: 2017 Outdoor Living Products

Backyard Lounge Walk-through

From Boring Backyard to Serene Outdoor Space

As you walk through the Backyard Lounge, a brand-new exhibit showcasing outdoor living products at our 2017 Green Industry Conference, you’re sure to notice and appreciate the Zen-like feel of the LED patio lights, gentle running water and nature-like surroundings. Joel Reinders, our Landscape Lighting and Aquatics Product Manager, was the mastermind behind the Backyard Lounge. Joel gathered all aspects of an ideal outdoor living space and staged these products in ways that would both impress and inspire homeowners and contractors alike.

You don’t have to be a pond expert to introduce a water feature at a customer’s home. The Spillway Bowl from Aquascape, capable of being installed in under 3 hours, does not require a pond liner and is a great small waterscape for first-timers. As seen the Backyard Lounge, Joel transformed the water feature into a decorative mossy planter showcasing its flexibility. While not its intended use, it looks just as wonderful. A new offering from Aquascape is the Pagoda Stone which comes as an all-inclusive kit. Each natural stone is unique in shape, color and texture and provides a soft, relaxing water flow. Contractors can create a slightly differently effect at each clients’ home.

The lounge is bordered by low voltage path lights in addition to the LED patio lights draped overhead, like those in an Italian Café or outdoor dining space. Eloquently illuminating the surrounding areas Cast Lighting’s newest offering, the Craftsman Series, are extremely durable solid bronze fixtures with an affordable price point. Such path lights are an excellent choice for lining walkways to increase visibility or incorporating subtle light to your garden.

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Kichler has introduced a new line of Centennial Brass fixtures including path lights and up lights. With a low-price point yet high-end solid brass fixtures using drop-in LED lighting technology, the Centennial Brass line is going to be a popular choice for contractors in 2017. One cool feature of this line is the natural vintage look and feel of the brown and gold undertones on the fixtures will patina over time.

Overhead in the Backyard lounge are LED patio bistro lights, which save electricity and have a much longer average lifespan than an incandescent. You don’t have to worry about taking them down as the seasons change like holiday lighting. The lights are extremely durable, will hold up well to the elements and can be mounted year-round.

The FX Luminaire Luxor ZD/ZDC controller is the ultimate lighting system for outdoor automation. The ability to integrate fully-customizable, color-changing themes into an ordinary warm-white outdoor lighting system is truly unique. Providing the user control of all fixtures including adjustable zoning, dimming and color via smartphone or tablet, the Luxor ZDC controller can create a timely, perfect atmosphere for events, parties or relaxing nights with the family.

Breeo is ‘rethinking fire’. Their Zentro Smoke Less Fire Pit is one of the more unique products seen in the Backyard Lounge. Constructed of double-walled stainless steel, the Zentro is ultra-durable and will not rust or corrode. The Smoke Less Fire Pit is a perfect choice for the homeowner who wants the architectural look of an old-fashioned wood fire but without the thick, annoying smoke.

One of the most exciting products to grace the outdoor living market in recent years comes from Broan NuTone. Haven, a 12V wired mosquito repellent system, consists of fixtures that should be spaced 10-12’ around a patio or outdoor living area. The system has a 92.5% effectiveness rate against the 3 major strains of mosquitoes in the Midwest. Haven is odorless and does not require smelly oils or a messy clean up.

Now you’ve got your lights, smokeless fire pit and the family is largely free from the pesky mosquitoes, but you’re still missing one thing — the music!

When you spend time outside in the summer, you see a lot of people struggling to connect a small Bluetooth speaker which needs to be turned up to full-volume and blasted to reach other parts of the yard. Lucky for you, Sonarray is here to save the summer party. The Sonarray SR1 Sound System takes outdoor audio and entertainment to the next level. The system consists of eight satellite speakers, one subwoofer and completely covers areas of up to 2,000 square feet with high-quality sound. The fixtures are discreet, resembling landscape lighting, and are aimed towards your home or backyard which reduces noise pollution to the surrounding areas.

Intended to stage and showcase outdoor living products in a practical yet innovative manner, it’s safe to say the Backyard Lounge was a success. As an increased focus is turned to transforming backyards into an extension of the home, it’s important to understand the ways these products can make a big difference in the feel and appeal of your outdoor areas.

For any questions regarding the products seen in the Backyard Lounge, please contact Joel Reinders.

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