Basic Components for Spectrafit RGB Light Displays

Basic Components for Spectrafit RGB Light Displays

Find out how to make your Spectrafit Minleon RGB light displays look (and stay) their very best this holiday season, from the required products needed to the easy set-up to common best practices to follow.

Spectrafit RGB Light Displays are Cutting-Edge

RGB Christmas lights combine red, blue, and green LED channels to create a broad spectrum of colors, which is why they’re the perfect alternative for traditional incandescent bulbs or even traditional LED bulbs for this year’s installs or contracts. Minleon RGB light displays are incredible to look at with incomparable features.

Not only do they offer vivid, saturated color and super bright light, but they also save you more than 80% energy over standard incandescent bulbs. And, they’re long-lasting, with an average 50,000-hour run time; a.k.a time, money, and energy saved!

With their waterproof, break-resistant, cool-to-the-touch design, RGB Christmas lights are the best commercial-grade lighting product on the market to step up your installs and light-installation business.

Easily Customize RGB Light Strands for the Ultimate Festive Lighting with Spectrafit RGB Bulbs & Controllers

There are so many different applications for smart RGB Christmas lights. One of the best uses of the Spectrafit Minleon RGB lights is the ability to customize strands, so you can create the exact holiday lighting display you (or your client) want.

Take a look at what products are required to make custom strands of your own:

  1. Spectrafit RGB Controller with Remote – These provide power and remote control of Spectrafit RGB light strands in C7, C9 and G50/S14 options.
  2. Socket Wire / Stringer– C7/C9 socket wire creates custom lengths and light displays. You can purchase bulk wire with different spacing (6, 12, 18, or 36 inches). Blank wire is available to create strings with custom spacing. For S14 bulbs you would need E26 Patio Stringer.
  3. Socket & Plugs– If you choose to make your own strings you will need sockets and power connectors.
  4. Spectrafit Replacement Bulbs

The video shows how easy it is to use Minleon / Rainmin Spectrafit bulbs!

Each Spectrafit controller will control up to 100 bulbs. Controller includes the remote control: 


  • On / Off
  • Increase brightness/effect
  • Decrease brightness/effect
  • R = Red
  • G = Green
  • B = Blue
  • W = White 
  • WW = Warm White
  • Strobe: will strobe through random preset colors.
  • Color Change: random color change through preset colors
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