Best Smart Irrigation Controllers

Best Smart Irrigation Controllers

What is the Best Smart Irrigation Controller?

Whether you are an irrigation novice or a veteran contractor, Reinders offers unique irrigation education, expertise, and top-grade products that can help you build the perfect irrigation system for your backyard project.

For Smart Irrigation Month, we’ve put together the best options for your smart irrigation needs, no matter your budget, for both contractors and homeowners.

Choosing The Right Sprinklers

Before choosing the right controller for your project, you first must figure out what rotating sprinklers, also known as rotors, are going to match the ideal plan for your backyard or garden.

To make the right choice, Reinders recommends utilizing an irrigation contractor professional who can help you map out the area(s) that need attention from your system, as well as determine which smart sprinklers will work best within that system to deliver optimal results.

This professional help, in tandem with Reinders’ pre- and post-sale support, will allow you to fulfill your backyard vision with confidence even after it’s installed. Know that if anything goes wrong, your Reinders rep is a call away and any repairs that need to be made down the road will come with help and advice from irrigation professionals.

Best Controllers For Contractors And Homeowners

Once your sprinklers have been picked out, selecting a smart controller becomes the next step to manage your system. With a focus on efficiency and ease-of-use, we at Reinders have compiled the best smart controllers that we offer for both contractor and homeowner projects.

Best Contractor Controller:

Hunter Indoor Pro-HC Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller

The selling point for this controller is the simplicity behind it. With a fully-functioning touchscreen and Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to manage your system from anywhere with your smartphone based on local weather data, the practicality and ease of this controller station basically make the sales pitch to the homeowner for you.

The 6, 12 and 24-station options allow contractors to comfortably tackle large projects. With an optional flow meter, you can receive automatic alerts when a pipe is damaged before excessive property damage occurs. Hydrawise software offers contractors the ability to manage water usage and monitor piping and electrical systems.

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Best Homeowner Controller:

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

When consulting with your irrigation professional, you should inquire about this incredibly user-friendly smart controller from Rachio, if only for the accessibility that it allows you to have with your system.

This controller can save you over 50% on your outdoor water use by accessing the latest local weather patterns through your Wi-Fi, and automatically optimizing a watering schedule to the specific needs of your yard. Best of all you can alter or control your sprinklers through the Rachio app, right on your phone.

The installation of this controller is also simple since it is meant to be installed indoors, meaning that once you complete the installation you can essentially leave the controller alone with little to no maintenance needed.

Best Budget Controller:

Rain Bird ESPME Controller

For both contractors and homeowners alike, the ESPME Controller offers programs that will combine both Rain Bird’s ‘Extra Simple Programming’ with water-saving features and programs all for a lower price than most other controllers. With tailored watering schedules you’ll have no problem meeting any landscape’s unique needs while simultaneously saving valuable time and labor.

Features like Delay Watering, Seasonal Adjustments, One-touch Watering and more were introduced to provide homeowners with worry-free operation. This controller’s features are not gimmicks according to Rain Bird’s product marketing — “Features so usable, you’ll actually use them”. Brilliant, right?

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