Reinders’ Ultimate Guide to the Best Commercial Snow Shovels

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Professional Snow Shovels for Contractors and Homeowners

Reinders’ 2019-20 commercial snow shovel selection is more robust than ever. With numerous offerings from top brands like Seymour Midwest, Snowcaster and Yo-Ho, the best winter tools for snow removal are available to contractors or homeowners who want a professional product. Preparation prior to the season can help reduce stress and ensure your snow removal operation doesn’t encounter any setbacks. Double check that your equipment is up to standards — you might need to upgrade your snow shovels or invest in a new, reliable ice melt spreader. Keep your crews stocked with high-quality products to get the job done faster and easier.

Structron® Hi-Vis Safety Shovels – High visibility shovels are wrapped with 3M technology to increase safety and visibility for your workers. During both daytime and nighttime hours, the safety green color and 3M tape accents made of retroreflective micro-prismatic markings enhance visibility and detection.

Check out these Hi-Vis models, which have black polycarbonate blades and fiberglass handles.

Hi-Vis Snow Pusher – SM96858

24″ blade is perfect for longer driveways with wet or heavier snow.

Hi-Vis Snow Shovel – SM96849

18″ blade works great for a quick cleanup of light, fluffy snow.

Hi-Vis Scoop Shovel – SM49757

Sturdy enough for moving large piles of snow.

Seymour Super ScraperSM49033

Seymour Super Scraper with a 54″ hardwood handle and forged 7″ Steel Head. This thing is a beast (in the best possible way).

Have you tried to scrape the ice on your driveway with a plastic shovel? It doesn’t work. Specialty scrapers like this are designed to remove ice on sidewalks and driveways. An absolute necessary tool to have at your disposal. Treat yourself!

Yo-Ho® Shovels – Poly or wood snow shovels from Yo-Ho are strong, durable and lightweight. A Yo-Ho shovel is more than just a one- or two-winter shovel. You will be able to depend on the rust and corrosion resistance for a long time.

18” Poly Snow Shovel with Wear Strip76023

A sturdy 38” steel handle provides a smooth and steady pass. Excellent snow shovel for cleaning up where the snow blower missed. You’ll appreciate the subtle yet convenient straight edge and replaceable wear strip that gets down to the concrete.

36” PolarTuff Braced Blade Pusher Shovel77036

A self-sharpening blade? Yep, that’s right. The non-abrasive blade is great for decks, brick or on stonework. You can quickly clear a sidewalk or driveway in short time, the 36” wide blade rides like a Cadillac cruising down main street.

30” Heavy-Duty Aluminum Pusher Shovel – 03080

This dependable 30” aluminum blade is strong enough to handle heavy snow yet lightweight to improve mobility and ease of use. Its hardwood handle is braced for extra stability which is great for those long sidewalks. The heavy-duty aluminum blade is resistant to rust and corrosion, thankfully you won’t need to replace this shovel anytime soon.

Snowcaster Shovels – It’s almost like magic how the Snowcaster effortlessly pushes the snow to the side of your choosing. Simple and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try one sooner.

Snowcaster Wheeled & Reversible – M30SNC

Think of a snow plow pushing snow off to the side. Now imagine that plow blade as a shovel — ON WHEELS. That’s the Snowcaster wheeled and reversible snow pusher. The bi-directional 36” blade allows you to clear driveways and sidewalks in half the time with half the effort. Enjoy reduced fatigue and the ache-free feeling after shoveling as there is no heavy lifting. The Snowcaster is 50% more efficient than traditional snow shovels, touting an angled blade for “wind rowing” snow. If you weren’t convinced yet, the shovel assembles in less than 10 minutes. You’ll be clearing your driveway in no time!

Snowcaster 36” Manual Snow Pusher – M36UPH

Constructed of UHMW-PE material to provide exceptional wear properties and ensure the blade will last several seasons. A heavy-duty bracket and handle are re-enforced at the point of attachment to the fiberglass tube. Look no further than the 36” Manual Snow Pusher for a steady, reliable shovel that you don’t have to worry about cracking, breaking or aching your back.

Make sure you and your crew are prepared this winter season with durable snow removal equipment from Reinders.

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