Christmas Decoration Essentials: Everything You Need to Deck the Halls

Christmas Decoration Essentials: Everything You Need to Deck the Halls

From artificial trees to winter greenery to animated Christmas LED lights, Reinders has all the holiday decoration essentials you need to deck the halls (and living rooms, entryways, and rooftops, of course). 

Make Your (Christmas Decoration) List and Check it Twice

Imagine Christmas time. 

Thoughts of Santa Claus, presents, stockings, snowfall, and carols flood our minds. Colors of red and green. Winter garland. Gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies. 

Although hectic at times, the holidays are a season of joy and togetherness. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with others through seasonal activities, like decorating the tree, hanging stockings, baking cookies, and viewing Christmas light displays. Having the right decorations can easily set apart your holiday season from stressful and chaotic to merry and bright!

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the right time to ensure all of your Christmas decoration essentials are taken care of. Reinders carries reputable brands of decorations that will add a festive touch to your home, inside and out.

Even Santa Shops at Reinders For Decoration Essentials like Christmas LED Lights

Christmas LED Lights

Christmas lights are single-handedly the epitome of Christmas time, with their fantastical display of bright colors lining rooftops, draped over bushes and shrubs, and decorating trees. They illuminate the air with vivid glow and magic. Christmas LED lights are a must-have to decorate the home’s interior and exterior, among many other holiday decorations.

LED string lights come in a variety of bulb sizes and colors. Whether you’re looking for something classic and nostalgic for rooftops like C9 string lights. 5MM LED lights and M5 Christmas mini lights are excellent, modern alternatives to the traditional Christmas light look that still achieves a bright glow and saturated color. Plus, LED lights save energy while lasting longer than incandescent bulbs. Talk about a win-win!

For extravagant, more elaborate displays, RGB lights, and animated string lights are the way to go. Products like Twinkly Pro and Twinkly Home bring a new meaning to Christmas lights, as they twinkle and dazzle with innovative and programmable technology. In contrast, RGB lights (Red, Green, and Blue) use an additive color model in which the intensities of those three colors of light are varied to produce thousands of colors. Both string light options are unique and modern, one being hi-tech and controlled via smartphone, the other guaranteeing the best color representation possible. 

Christmas Light Clips  

Choosing the right Christmas LED lights are only half the decorating battle. Ensuring they look clean, professional, and straight upon installation is equally important to maximize the string lights’ beauty and glow! Outdoor Christmas light clips are a decoration essential. They create smooth, straight, and clean lines along rooftops. There’s the right light clip, hook, and accessory to make your installation process headache-free and your finished result looking it’s absolute best. From light clips to shingle tabs to gutter and roof clips, Reinders has whatever you may need. 

Christmas Greenery

Adding Christmas greenery to your decor brings warmth, coziness, and an added element of festivity to your home. Reinders, winter greenery selection, includes wreaths, garland, and Woodland Blend Designer Christmas Greenery featuring berries and pinecones for a more rustic, upscale aesthetic. Garland is multi-purposeful for indoor and outdoor use; mantels, railings, landings, doorways, garage outlines, you name it! Wreaths hang beautifully on doors and above windows, mantles, lighting fixtures, etc. A touch of greenery adds dimension to the many bright colors and lights with its rustic, natural feel. Pre-lit options also save you time and energy to keep your decorating running smoothly.

Artificial Trees

Real Christmas trees are beautiful and fragrant, but to avoid the (what feels like) hundreds of pine needles all over your floor, artificial trees are the way to go this season! Reinders carries a small yet mighty variety of pre-lit artificial trees that minimize the hassle and maximize the holiday spirit year after year. 


Adorn greenery and top trees with classic red decorative bows. The nostalgic color and design are undeniably festive and add a bright touch of contrast to the forest and green shades of garland and wreaths. 

Now that you’ve discovered some essential Christmas decorations, it’s time to get shopping! There’s plenty of uses for festive decorations, whether inside the home or out. Reinders Holiday Lighting is happy to help make your home merry and bright with our inclusive array of decor so that your decorating process has fewer headaches and more holiday spirit! 

Let’s start by browsing for Christmas LED string lights, shall we?

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