Christmas Lights Comparison: Minleon LED Bulbs vs. Traditional Incandescent Bulbs

Christmas Lights Comparison: Minleon LED Bulbs vs. Traditional Incandescent Bulbs

Discover the key advantages of using Minleon LED retrofit bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs that will make all the difference for your lighting displays and business this holiday season.

Seasonal Showdown: Minleon LED Bulbs vs. Incandescent Bulbs

As you begin planning holiday lighting displays and installs, you may feel frustrated with traditional incandescent bulbs and their array of problems, from fast burn out to inefficient energy-use to money wasted paying more in electricity. Although they are widely traditional, nostalgic, and more affordable up-front, replacing incandescent Christmas lights with LED Minleon bulbs is a smart move this season, thanks to a safer, efficient approach to holiday and Christmas lighting.

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Introducing Minleon LED Bulbs: The Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Christmas Lights

Minleon LED bulbs are gaining popularity for decorating homes, businesses, interior décor, and Christmas trees for either commercial or residential applications. LED bulbs save energy and produce a very bright light, perfect for installs of any size. We’re dubbing Minleon LED bulbs as the Ultimate Investment because they’re energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and never burn out— only dim. It’s worth it to spend more now to save more in the long run, in terms of energy and money.

What are some more advantages* of Minleon LED bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs?

  1. Commercial-grade product lines including C7C9, and G-Series Minleon SMD LED Bulbs 
  2. Energy-saving (only uses 0.58 watts) and saves you more than 80% energy over standard incandescent bulbs 
  3. Long-lasting – they last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs with an approximate 50,000-hour run time 
  4. Break-resistant
  5. Waterproof  
  6. Cool-to-the-touch – no fire hazard as these bulbs don’t get hot  
  7. Super bright bulbs (much brighter than standard bulbs)  
  8. Great for indoor or outdoor use  
  9. Fun lighting effects including slow color-changing/fading and twinkle 
  10.  Dimmable and steady light stream options 

* Source

Discover an array of applications for LED bulbs lighting:

  1. Replace existing incandescent Christmas bulbs with long-lasting Minleon LED bulbs
    • Professional displays (contractors and installers, businesses, towns, municipalities, others)
    • DIY displays (consumers, homeowners, etc.)
  2. Design custom color light displays, with your choice of color, twinkle and color changing light bulb options
  3. Design custom light displays that fit exactly to your display dimensions (create specific light strand lengths to avoid unsightly light strand overhangs)
  4. Use on trees, Christmas trees, roof lines, patios, decks, business frontage, and other areas
  5. Use custom displays for Christmas, weddings, Halloween, storefronts, corporate events, city, and municipality holiday decorations

Another excellent advantage of choosing Minleon LED bulbs is the wide array of bulb sizes and colors to create the exact lighting display you or a client has in mind. Whether you’re looking for commercial-grade string lights or LED replacement bulbs, there’s a bulb size and color to suit any install, no matter how big or small.

It’s no wonder why Minleon LED bulbs are a go-to for professional holiday lighting displays with their extensive list of benefits.

Let’s recap by comparing Minleon LED bulbs vs. traditional incandescent bulbs, so you can see how the advantages will help your installs and business:

Minleon LED Bulbs: 

  • Use diodes to efficiently transfers electricity through semi-conductive materials to emit light
  • Requires much less energy than using heat
  • Super bright glow and color
  • Don’t burn out, only dim
  • Don’t heat up 
  • Higher price point, but better investment due to their brighter light, durability, and long-lasting run time

Traditional Incandescent Bulbs:

  • Use electrical currents to heat up a filament to then produce light
  • Requires way more energy to produce heat
  • Nostalgic with vivid color and mini-light size
  • More affordable
  • Run the risk of breaking, burning out, and overheating
  • Potential to spend more money year after year buying replacement string lights or bulb

Both light sources will achieve incredible holiday lighting displays, but now your decision of which one to purchase for this years’ installs is a bit clearer, thanks to the spotlight we shined on the advantages of using Minleon LED bulbs.

Reinders Holiday Lighting has a team of experts ready to answer any questions regarding Minleon LED bulbs and holiday lighting or traditional incandescent bulbs. Happy Installing!

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