Color and Creativity with Twinkly Pro Curtains

Color and Creativity with Twinkly Pro Curtains

Twinkly Pro welcomes magic year-round with Twinkly Pro Curtains, a cascade of brilliant colors with customized effects.

Transforming a space for the holidays or special events doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Utilizing light strings can really add magical warmth to an area that is simply achieved by adding a few LED strands!

Twinkly Pro Curtains are so easy to master, you’ll look like a genius doing it.

Twinkly smart lights are an extremely versatile way to decorate commercial areas for the holidays, summer season, or any special events and gatherings.

With Twinkly Pro curtain lights, you can create animated backdrops from a wide range of colors and effects, right from your fingertips, to make a stand-out feature in your business or at your event.

5 Drops with 50 Lights per Drop

10 Drops with 25 Lights per Drop

Reinders stocks two Twinkly Pro Curtain sizes to best accommodate any sized area. The 10×25 curtain features ten drops, measuring 6.5’ drop length. Each drop has 25 bulbs, for a total count of 250 RGBW LED capsule bulbs per curtain with either black or transparent wire to blend seamlessly into your space. The second sized curtain, 5×50, is great for taller spaces, featuring five drops, a 13.1’ drop length with 50 bulbs per drop, and a total count of 250 RGBW LED capsule bulbs per curtain. You can purchase the 5×50 curtain in either transparent/clear wire or black wire, as well. Both curtain sizes feature a 4” spacing between each drop, just enough to fully illuminate an area without oversaturating it with vivid color and light.

All Twinkly Pro Curtains that we stock are RGBW. Having the 4th (W) diode allows for a true, warm white. This addition enables patterns to have a more classic feel, which is notably popular with weddings, tent and venue rental companies, storefronts, commercial properties, and even restaurants.

With seamless connectivity to a smart device, there’s no hassle with complicated and high-effort installs. Twinkly Pro RGBW Curtains are easy to manage and master, especially with their range of colors and creative effects. Just download the Twinkly App, then check out how to set up your Twinkly Pro lights and WiFi controller, and you’re well on your way to an incredible curtain lighting display!

Let your lights dance, twirl, sync up to music, or just remain illuminated for picture backdrops or selfie stations. Reinders Holiday Lighting YouTube videos do a fantastic job of showcasing the colorful and creative versatility that Twinkly Pro curtain lights possess.

We highly recommend pairing Twinkly Music with curtains and grids for an even more fantastic look. The USB-powered device enables all Twinkly devices to create amazing effects in sync with music— a crowd pleaser for sure! Twinkly Music works with the Twinkly Home controllers and the Twinkly Pro single/dual port WiFi only.

Whether your Twinkly Pro curtain lights remain one solid color or configure into a fun cascade of holiday-inspired hues, it will surely be a statement piece everyone obsesses over. It can transform a smaller space into a brilliantly lit area or take large events to the next level with its creativity and color.

To get the year-round glow started, visit our Twinkly Pro page to discover more Twinkly products.

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