Enhancing Landscape Designs with Distinctive and Unique Elements – Part 1

Enhancing Landscape Designs with Distinctive and Unique Elements Part 1

Over the past several decades, Reinders has been fortunate to have been part of many inspiring and successful landscape projects. It is rewarding to get a call from one of our landscape professionals asking us to assist with a unique item within their plan, be it a custom water feature or a complex illumination challenge. Our experience has been that collaboration yields beautiful results. The small details of the design can eventually determine whether the project is selected and, ultimately, if it stands the test of time.

Sometimes, it may be just one simple element that can be why a design is selected over others, be it a specimen plant, a piece of sculpture, or a small water feature. But it may also be a concept other designers hadn’t thought of, like sound, fire, or specialty lighting. In this series, we want to highlight some of these specialty products and provide ideas landscape professionals can potentially incorporate into future landscape designs.

Part 1: Outdoor Audio

We utilize multiple fixtures in a landscape to achieve our lighting scenes. It would be possible to do this with one or two large flood fixtures, but the glare would be oppressive, and the light would be uneven. Multiple fixtures give us light source control for focal areas while creating a consistent look through the landscape. We like to think of the outdoor sound system in the same way.

We’ve all been at that garden party with the single crackling Bluetooth speaker sitting on the outdoor bar. If you are positioned too close, your conversation is drowned out…too far away, and you only hear the occasional bass tone. The volume is continuously altered to try to appease all, but it simply cannot. Outdoor audio can be much more than this. It can be an immersive experience where the sound remains with you throughout the backyard.

People love music, and people listen to more music than ever before, thanks to streaming services. The solution to our problem above is a dedicated outdoor audio system. It is designed to integrate into the outdoor space and provide even balanced coverage throughout. It has full sound at any volume level, allowing it to be played at levels that encourage conversation and lingering in the spaces you have designed for them. 

The Sonance Patio Series and Garden Series systems are specifically designed to achieve that goal. Using small satellite speakers and buried subwoofers around the area(s) where the sound is desired, we fill the space evenly. The systems are designed to have great-sounding music that is comfortable to listen to. Delivering this to your customers in your design will cause them to utilize their outdoor spaces more frequently and longer…thereby providing more value to your design.

Dana Innovations – Sonance Patio Series Audio System with Amp (4 speaker system with Amp)

  • (4) Satellite Speakers
  • (1) In-ground Subwoofer
  • (1) Sonance DSP SR 2-125 Amplifier
  • Balanced coverage for areas up to 1,000 SQ FT
  • Elegant outdoor all-weather audio system
  • Blends into the surrounding landscape

Dana Innovations – Sonance Garden Series Audio System with SR2-125 Amp

  • (8) Satellite speakers and (1) Subwoofer system present a combined 8 ohm impedance to the amplifier
  • Perfectly even coverage and high-quality sound in areas of up to 3,500 SQ FT
  • Satellite speakers designed to hide amongst plants
  • Below-ground subwoofer with canopy hidden under foliage
  • Runs off a standard 2-channel power amplifier or stereo receiver
  • Daisy-chain wiring configuration for simple installation with 14 gauge, 4 conductor wire
  • Designed to handle extreme conditions
product image of a large audio system with 8 small speakers

500′ 14/4 Direct Burial Speaker Cable

  • 4 Conductor 14 gauge direct burial speaker cable for the Sonarray Outdoor Audio System
  • Conductors are color coded (Green, Black, Red, White) for easy identification during speaker wiring
  • Designed for all sunlight resistant and direct burial speaker wire applications
  • UL and CL3 Rated for in-wall installations
  • Highly durable direct burial rated jacket will give your audio signals complete protection in the most extreme environments

We have found that landscape professionals tend to shy away from outdoor audio systems for two reasons:

  • They think this is the realm of the home automation specialist.
  • They don’t feel qualified to price and install complicated audio components.

The truth is outdoor audio falls right in with irrigation and landscape lighting systems and installs in a very similar fashion. Often the speaker cable is laid in the same trench as the lighting cable. This eliminates pulling up mulch again and risking potential damage to existing cables, and simplifying as-built designs.

The speakers resemble uplights and install in the same fashion, while the subwoofer is partially buried in the ground and is very easily disguised. These systems are designed for the outdoors and all seasons. The amplifier, satellite speakers, and subwoofer are designed to work        together and take any guesswork out of configuration. The amplifier can be connected to almost any WiFi streaming service for easy access to music libraries.


Consider adding a sound package to your next landscape design. If you have an interested client, Reinders can work with you to set up one of our portable demo kits to experience the true immersive sound experience in their backyard.

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