Fast-Track Your Post-Emergent Herbicide Application

*This blog is based on current weather patterns we’re seeing in our Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota markets* 

This spring has brought a slew of unpredictable weather, from fluctuating temperatures and unusually high amounts of rain. Homeowners and professionals alike are noticing the rapid growth of weeds in their turf and ornamental beds, which can be challenging to remedy. If you’re struggling with weed control due to the increased rainfall, it’s time to fast-track your post-emergent herbicide applications.

Understanding the Impact of Increased Rainfall

Rain may be crucial to keeping your lawns and gardens strong and healthy, but it also provides the moisture that weeds need to germinate and thrive, often outpacing your regular maintenance routines. Here’s what’s different this year:

  • Accelerated Weed Growth: Moist and cool soil creates the perfect environment for weeds to sprout rapidly.
  • Reduced Pre-Emergent Effectiveness: Consistent rainfall can wash away pre-emergent herbicides, reducing their effectiveness and allowing more weeds to emerge.
  • Increased Weed Competition: Weeds grow faster and more robustly, competing with your desirable plants and grasses for nutrients and space.

Given these challenges, adjusting the timing and frequency of your post-emergent herbicide applications is crucial helping your landscapes remain weed-free.

Key Post-Emergent Herbicides for Turf and Ornamental Beds

Here are some of they key post-emergent herbicides that can help you manage weeds effectively in the challenging conditions presented this season:

PBI-Gordon - Q4 Plus Turf Post-Emergent Herbicide


PBI-Gordon’s Q4 is a versatile post-emergent that targets a wide range of weeds, including crabgrass, clover, and yellow nutsedge. Its unique formulation allows it to act quickly, even in moist conditions, making it an excellent choice for rapid weed control.

  • Ideal For: Broadleaf and grassy weeds in turfgrass.
  • Features: Combines four active ingredients for broad-spectrum control.
  • Application Tips: Apply to actively growing weeds; avoid mowing before application for best results.

BASF - Drive XLR8 Post-Emergent Herbicide


Drive XLR8’s rainfast formula ensures that it remains effective even after rainfall, making it a reliable option during a wet season. Its ability to control tough grassy weeds like crabgrass makes it a staple in any turf maintenance or lawn care regiment.

  • Ideal For: Crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
  • Features: Offers fast, rainfast control within hours.
  • Application Tips: Best applied when weeds are young and actively growing.

Quali-Pro - Quinclorac 75 DF Post Emergent Herbicide


Quali-Pro’s Quinclorac is particularly effective against crabgrass, providing control that tackles weeds from the inside out. Its systemic nature means that it continues to work even after the initial application, giving you longer-lasting results.

  •  Ideal For: Post-emergent control of crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.
  • Features: Systemic action allows it to move throughout the plant.
  • Application Tips: Apply to young, actively growing weeds; avoid application in drought-stressed turf.

Corteva - Crew Specialty Pre-Emergent Herbicide


Corteva’s Crew offers a dual-action approach, allowing you to tackle both existing and future weed problems in your ornamental beds. This flexibility is especially valuable when dealing with unpredictable weather patterns.

  • Ideal For: Pre and post-emergent control in ornamental beds.
  • Features: Provides broad-spectrum control of grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Application Tips: Can be used as both a pre and post-emergent solution, offering flexibile application timing.

Dow - Snapshot 2.5 TG Specialty Pre-Emergent Herbicide


Dow’s Snapshot is a powerhouse for ornamental beds, offering long-lasting control that can prevent weed emergence for months. This is particularly useful for keeping your beds weed-free during the growing season.

  •  Ideal For: Pre-emergent control in ornamental beds and landscape areas.
  • Features: Controls a broad spectrum of weeds, offering up to 8 months of residual control.
  • Application Tips: Apply to weed-free soil; water in after application to activate.

PBI-Gordon - Surge Broadleaf Post-Emergent Herbicide


PBI-Gordon’s Surge targets nutsedge, a common weed that can quickly take over lawns and beds if left unchecked. Its targeted action ensures that even the toughest sedges are controlled effectively.

  •  Ideal For: Sedges and other tough-to-control weeds.
  • Features: Effective against nutsedge and other hard-to-control weeds.
  • Application Tips: Apply when weeds are actively growing; avoid mowing for a few days before and after application.


Adjusting Your Application Schedule

To make the most of these products, it’s essential to adjust your application schedule based on the current weather conditions:

  • Monitor Weather Patterns: Keep an eye on the forecast and plan applications during dry periods to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Increase Frequency: Consider applying post-emergent herbicides more frequently to keep up with rapid weed growth.
  • Time It Right: Apply post-emergent products when weeds are young and actively growing for the best results.
  • Avoid Over-Watering: Excessive watering can reduce the effectiveness of herbicides. Water wisely to maintain balance.

Adaptability Will Protect Your Lawn and Ornamental Beds!

This spring’s increased rainfall demands a unique and proactive approach to weed control. By fast-tracking your post-emergent herbicide applications and using reliable products like Q4, Drive XLR8, Quinclorac, Crew, Snapshot, and Surge, you can maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn and landscape. Adjust your application schedule to stay ahead of the weeds and keep your outdoor spaces looking their best.

Stay vigilant, monitor weather patterns, and adapt your weed control strategies as needed. With the right products and timing, you can tackle even the most challenging conditions and enjoy a beautiful, well-maintained landscape all season long.

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