FX Luminaire Luxor Field Day – Buffalo Grove, IL

FX Luminaire Luxor Field Day

Luxor is the Do-It-All Control System for Outdoor Living Products

More than a dozen of Reinders contractor customers were on-site in Buffalo Grove to learn more about the capabilities of FX Luminaire’s Luxor Control System. From marketing strategies to installation techniques, contractors got the full rundown in just a couple of hours. 

Heading into the fall season, one of the busiest times of the year for lighting installations, Drew Tedford, Sales Manager for FX Luminaire, provided both classroom and hands-on training with help from Reinders reps: Joel Reinders, Kris Willing and Lawrence Kallay. 

The true effect of outdoor lighting is difficult for anyone to understand without seeing it firsthand. “Demo Kits” offer a temporary solution for homeowners to experience what an investment in lighting will offer. The kits also become a training tool for sales staff and crew members.

Invest in at least one dedicated “lighting” crew manager. Plan for appropriate training in design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Include a lighting bid on every project quoted. Doing so provides awareness to homeowners regarding the service as well as an opportunity to invest in lighting. The worst that can happen is the homeowner says “not interested”.

Add “maintenance” contracts as part of every install. Even with LED fixtures, you still need to return to the site 2-4 times a year to check splices, clean lenses, adjust fixtures, prune trees, etc.

Adjust lights after dark on every job. Even small adjustments can significantly alter the effect.

Ensure ample room for additional fixtures on the individual runs and on the transformer.

  • Include low voltage wire during initial installation for subsequent phases.
  • Up-sell to larger transformers, planning for future system size.
  • Do not spread a single phase too thin. Optimally designing a single phase preserves the integrity of the design and encourages homeowners to invest in the next phase.

Present a premium option with one less expensive alternative; you never know when they will say yes.

Take pictures at every install. For exceptional jobs, hire a professional photographer. Second to on-site demonstrations, stunning images of previous jobs will provide additional confidence to a wavering homeowner.

Charge homeowners design fees, using the fee as a credit toward the actual installation. The price will deter those who are likely to reject the quote, leaving more time for potential clients with a higher acceptance rate.

  • More fixtures, less wattage
  • More down lights, less path lights
  • Show the effect of the light, not the source

While the Luxor System is intended to provide total control over your landscape lighting, it is capable of so much more. Whether it’s an insect repellent system, water and fire features, or holiday lights, the Luxor System is capable of connecting with just about any landscape or outdoor living application. 

The versatility of the Luxor System is made possible by FX Luminaire’s compatibility modules, also known as Cubes, which can be used on a variety of landscape applications. As you’ll notice in the video above, the Luxor System can successfully control a mosquito repellent system, like NuTone Haven, 120-volt holiday lights and bistro lights, to name a few. The “do-it-all” outdoor control system is more than just a moniker. 

It’s not meant to change the way designers or contractors install lighting — it still consists of a transformer, fixtures and wire. FX Luminaire is giving the contractor more tools and flexibility to adjust and create flare with their outdoor living applications. 

For more information on FX’s Luxor Control System or Reinders’ lighting events, visit Reinders.com or contact Joel Reinders (jpr@reinders.com). 

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