The Goose Deuce Nuisance

The Goose Deuce Nuisance

Combat the nuisance with Flight Control Geese Repellent.

Since there have been golf courses, there have been superintendents.

Since there have been superintendents, there have been dogs by their side.

Those dogs have always had one unwritten job: Keep varmints at bay. But when it comes to ridding a course of grazing geese, sometimes a trusty patrol dog just isn’t enough.

Grazing geese can cause quite a bit of harm to golf course-quality turfgrass. They flock to greens, fairways, lakes and ponds – hallowed turf in the eyes of a superintendent. Similarly, business, park and grounds managers don’t want geese on their properties, walkways and fields. Their trail of feathers and, well, “goose deuce” isn’t hard to miss.

And then there’s their attitude.

While beautiful natural specimens, geese can sometimes seem like an overly-entitled brother-in-law: becoming aggressive to random passersby, making all too much noise at inopportune times, and failing to, shall we say, “uphold their fair share of bathroom cleanup.”

So just how does one mitigate geese droppings on grass in a humane way? Ask any superintendent about their geese control methods and you’re likely to hear a veritable hodgepodge of anti-fowl folklore including, but not limited to: vegetative, rock and fence barriers, repellents, reducing fertilizer use, fake predators, and the aforementioned Goose Dogs that require specific training.

A dog is a man’s best friend, but sometimes your pal needs to crash on the shop floor and get some rest. Why not use a product that’s always on guard, keeping a watchful eye on your beloved turf?

Flight Control Geese Repellent is a product used to mitigate geese “loitering”. The product’s effectiveness is based on a learned negative response when the geese ingest the treated turf, the main ingredient being anthraquinone. In short, they get an upset tummy. The geese can see the treated turf (humans cannot) and associate it with gastrointestinal upset. Over a relatively short period of time, the geese will learn to move to an untreated area. This works best when there is a nearby untreated area that’s acceptable for the geese to go — on a golf course this may be the rough or an unused adjacent field.


Why is a golf course the perfect habitat for geese? They prefer open spaces with fertilized, luscious turf near areas of water. The water serves as protection from predators and the open space allows ample time to spot any looming threats. It’s quite common for there to be anywhere from 50 to a few hundred geese passing around a course or property. In extreme cases, you could be dealing with several hundred to even thousands of geese – no thanks!

What are some of the issues goose droppings cause on a golf course?

Goose dropping issues

While Flight Control Geese Repellent isn’t necessarily going to save you money up front, you’ll reduce the costs of unnecessary labor cleaning and removing goose droppings as well as costs to repair turf and any lost revenue from the unsightly waste.

Flight Control Single Gal

The diverse choices in geese control methods afford you the opportunity to try different options to see which works best for your specific situation. Geese control products can be expensive, short and long-term investments and hard to predict their results. Flight Control works in a relatively short period of time and does not harm the Geese.


Steve Abler, Reinders Turfgrass Expert

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