How to Install a Weatherproof Connector for Twinkly Pro

How to Install a Weatherproof Connector for Twinkly Pro

Check off your list with this Twinkly Pro how-to that walks you through the simple steps for weatherproofing the network cable connector included in you Twinkly Pro 6 port controller.

Weatherproof Your Twinkly Pro 6 Port Controller

Keep your Twinkly smart lights festive and bright, whether it rains, snows, or shines by weatherproofing your Twinkly Pro network cable connector. Residential and commercial areas will stay glowing and vivid in custom lighting patterns and animated designs no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Paul, Reinders Holiday Lighting authority on Twinkly Pro lights, showcases just how easy it is to ensure your Twinkly Pro 6 port controller can withstand all the elements in our How to Install a Weatherproof Network Cable Connector for Twinkly Pro YouTube video. Based on Paul’s simple guide, we listed each step to use as a checklist to keep your lighting installation business or your contract installs running smoothly.

Twinkly Pro Network Cable Connector: A Weatherproof How-To

The Twinkly Pro 6 Port Controller comes equipped with a network cable connector. It’s easy to ensure the cable connector is weatherproof and ready to take on the harsh Midwest winters; just follow these seven easy steps.
  1. Start by disassembling the connector
  2. Keep disassembling the connector, making sure to remove the cap and blue seal from both sides
  3. Pass the cable through the cap, seal, and long tube
  4. Connect the cable to the coupler and screw the long tube tightly onto the coupler
  5. Put the blue seal into the end of the long tube
  6. Screw the end cap onto the long tube
  7. Repeat for the other side

Clients will be thrilled when their lights twinkle and dazzle through heavy precipitation or light snowfall. Installs of any size remain festive and merry for the (sometimes unpredictable) winter season and keep their magic for year-round applications, too!

Don’t limit yourself to only Christmastime installs or contracts. Twinkly Pro 6 port controllers are fantastic to create backdrops and focal lighting displays at parties, weddings, or other holidays like the 4th of July and Halloween. And now, thanks to an easy checklist to ensure your Twinkly Pro network cable connector is weatherproof, the fun lasts all year long, come rain or shine.

For any installation tips, Twinkly Pro product recommendations, project specs and quotes, set-up troubleshooting, and best practices for Twinkly Pro installs of any size, contact our knowledgeable and experienced team of RGB and Twinkly experts.

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