How to Set Up Your Twinkly Pro Lights and WiFi Controller

How to Set Up Your Twinkly Pro Lights and WiFi Controller

How to Set Up Your Twinkly Pro Lights and WiFi Controller

Discover an innovative smart light technology that will set your holiday lighting apart from the rest, with unique light mapping and dazzling effects controlled right from your fingertips.

Choose a Revolutionary Smart Light for All of This Year’s Installs

Christmastime is rapidly approaching, so now is the time to look into the newest LED bulbs, string lights, and accessories to make sure your installs are impressive, festive, and go off without a hitch.

You now can create custom display lighting scenes with LED light options’ energy-saving technology, extremely bright glow, and extensive array of lighting effects. From multi-functional light features like twinkling effects or slow-changing color shifts to the expandability of products for small or large lighting displays, there’s the right LED lighting option out there for your next job or display, and we have a feeling which one you’ll choose this season.

Introducing an Innovative Lighting Option: Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights

With new and improved ways to save energy while producing a bright illumination, Christmas lights have met their high-tech match. Meet Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights.

Twinkly Pro is a new generation of smart, RGB animated Christmas lights. Not only are these lights revolutionary with the way they dance, twirl, and synchronize to music, but they are controlled entirely via smartphone/device and the corresponding Twinkly app.

Cutting-edge technology enters the professional market with its LED mapping, integrated WiFi, and an infinite number of completely customizable effects. Pretty cool, huh?
A high-tech smart light like Twinkly Pro has a headache-free and simple set up, so your install time and set-up process is quick and efficient.

One of the coolest features of utilizing this innovative technology of LED smart lights is the ability to use installs all year long, thanks to Twinkly Pro’s huge array of colors and effects. Now, you don’t need to take down lights to create new lighting displays for different events, holidays, or special occasions.

Twinkly Pro offers simple installation and seamless connectivity to any smart device. You’ll see just how easy it is to reap all of the magical design, effects, animations, and LED mapping benefits that Twinkly Pro has to offer with a step-by-step explanation. And the best part is, you most likely already have one of the most important tools for success: WiFi. 

How to Set Up a Twinkly Pro WiFi Controller

Setting up Twinkly Pro Christmas lights begins with the WiFi controller set up. Reinders Holiday Lighting’s own Paul Hayden walks us through the simple Twinkly Pro WiFi set up in a brief YouTube video, but the steps are listed here to always refer back to. 

The essential components that come with your Twinkly Pro kit are 1) the power supply and 2) a WiFi controller. Twinkly dual-line string lights come separately, so choose the bulb count, wire color, and bulb shape best suited for your install. Also, you may want to purchase a 1-port split adapter to utilize multiple string lights at once for larger displays.

Components: Check. 

Next, let’s walk through the light component set-up.

Step 1: Attach the WiFi controller’s power cord to the power supply, and tighten the attached cap. 

Step 2: The other free end of the WiFi controller’s power cord can now attach to either your Twinkly lights or to your 1-port split adapter. 

Step 3: Plug the Twinkly light strand into the power cord (or adapter if using one). Tighten the collar over the seam of both plugs.

Step 4: Plug the power supply into an outlet and watch your Twinkly Pro lights come to life. 

In just four simple steps, your Twinkly Pro smart light parts are connected and ready for action.

Components: Check. Light Set-Up: Check

Now, onto the WiFi.

Connecting Your Controller to WiFi

Step 1: Download the Twinkly app from the App store. You can also do that by clicking here or down below.

Step 2: Connect your controller to WiFi and connect your lights for the first time by entering the following password: Twinkly2019. (You can change your password in a few more steps).

Step 3: Confirm your connection to Twinkly lights by clicking “WiFi” on your device and ensuring the “Twinkly” option is selected. 

Step 4: Update your password first within the Twinkly app, then in your WiFi settings.

Step 5: Make sure to confirm that you see your device listed in the device list.

Step 6: Configure your controller, the number of ports, and RGB.

Step 6: Activate lights within your device list.

And there you have it! 

You’re on your way to endless design and animation possibilities. Choose 3D mapping to map out your Twinkly light design or explore the effects gallery to choose from a wide variety of effects to suit any holiday aesthetic.

Components:Check. Light Set-Up: CheckLight Set-Up:Check

No hour-long set-up time, no confusing instruction list.

Just incredibly simple Twinkly smart LED lights with incredibly festive features, and the best part is the easy manipulation right from a smart device.

Check out Paul’s easy step-by-step YouTube tutorial for a visual version of getting your Twinkly Pro smart lights ready for the holiday season. 

There’s always a team of RGB and Twinkly experts available with energy, knowledge, and experience to provide professional advice, consultations, product recommendations, project specs and quotes, set-up troubleshooting, and best practices for Twinkly Pro installs of any size. 

Call us today at 262-797-6571 (local) or 1-877-785-3309 (toll-free) – we are here to make your holiday lighting displays merry and bright!

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