Joe Etten Wins 2023 Toro Master Salesperson of the Year

In the world of commercial equipment sales, the Toro Master Salesperson of the Year Award is a coveted accolade, recognizing an individual’s exemplary performance and profound impact in the market. This year, the honor was presented to Reinders’ own Joe Etten, a dedicated, innovative member of our commercial equipment team. Etten’s recognition comes not just from his stellar sales figures but from the deep trust and respect he has garnered from customers and peers alike. 

What is the Master Sales Award?

The Toro Master Salesperson of the Year Award is more than just an acknowledgment of high sales; it is a recognition of a salesperson’s ability to connect, understand, and anticipate the needs of their customers. Qualifying for this award is not straightforward. A nominee must have demonstrated at least five years of superior performance, embodying Toro’s values, and exceeding expectations in customer satisfaction. Winners like Joe exhibit an innate ability to forge lasting relationships, backed by their deep expertise and a proactive approach in adapting to the evolving market demands. Their consistent performance and exceptional people skills set them apart as leaders within the industry. 

Meet Joe Etten: The 2023 Toro Master Salesperson of the Year

Joe Etten’s journey to becoming the 2023 Master Salesperson is a story of relentless commitment and perpetual growth. Known for his charismatic approach and profound product knowledge, Etten has built a career at Reinders marked by milestones that many aspire to, but few achieve. His approach goes beyond mere sales; he acts as a consultant to his clients, offering solutions that are both innovative and carefully suited to their unique needs. 

What makes Joe stand out? According to Mike Reed, Sales Director at Toro, “Joe was a unanimous selection for the Master Sales Award. He is not just a salesperson; he is a trusted advisor to everyone he works with.” Reed elaborates that Joe’s success lies in his ability to stay ahead of trends and continuously educate himself on new products and technologies, ensuring that his recommendations are always at the forefront. 

Joe’s selection for this prestigious award was driven by his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and his keen ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of his clients. His colleagues and customers praise his sincerity and dedication. “Joe has a knack for making complex decisions easy for his clients, providing them with confidence and assurance in their choices,” Reed notes.  

Please join us in congratulating Joe on his 2023 Toro Master Sales Award!

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