Get to Know Kati Bernardy — Territory Manager of Soft Goods, IL

Get to Know Kati Bernardy

Kati has joined Reinders as our newest Territory Manager of Soft goods in Illinois. Her career began as an intern performing fertilizer trials at golf courses in six different states. For the past four years, Kati served as the First Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at the Merit Club in Libertyville, IL. We’re extremely happy to have Kati on our team and look forward to growing together.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy?

A: Keep on keepin’ on – Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt (2001)

Q: When did you know you wanted to be in the “Golf Business” as it were?

A: When I started working at the Merit Club I knew that I had found the industry I wanted to be in. I love to work outside and am passionate about growing and working with plants. I like the fast paced season along with doing something new every day. It is incredible to see how a plant can thrive at less than 1/8 and the different approaches and management practices behind it. I love solving issues that can arise from the challenges we face such as weather, disease pressures, invasive species, and so on. One of the most rewarding things about this industry is enjoying the results of all of your hard work.

Q: What are the biggest issues facing superintendents and turf managers today?

A: Some of the biggest issues superintendents and turf managers face today are managing a high quality turf on a limited budget as well as dealing with disease pressures. Also, there are a lot of pressures with how to make everyone happy from the golfer or member, to the crew and fellow employees, as well as higher staff or boards.

Q: What territories will you be focusing on?

A: I’ll be focusing on the Chicago market; more specifically the northern suburbs.

Katie Sod
Laying sod at Merit Club

Q: Are you on Twitter?

A: Yes, I just started an account! You can find me @KatiBernardy.

Q: If you weren’t working on a golf course (or with soft goods), what would you be doing?

A: I would probably get into local vegetable farming and sustainability.

Q: Does Barley ever join you on the course?

A: Every day. He absolutely loved coming to work with me so he could swim, chase squirrels, run, and ride around on the golf cart.

Barley, a 3-year-old Black Lab mix, alongside Kati
Barley, a 3-year-old Black Lab mix, alongside Kati

Q: You grew up in Illinois & Wisconsin — Packers or the Bears?

A: Definitely the Bears. And if the Bears aren’t playing, I’m rooting for whoever is playing against the Packers.

Q: What is your favorite dish to make?

A: Anything Mexican.

Q: Best tasting homegrown vegetables?

A: Tomatoes, carrots, and radishes. The ones from the store are rubbery and have very little flavor compared to those pulled straight from the garden.

Q: What’s something you are currently watching on Netflix?

A: Family Guy

Get in touch with Kati —

Phone: (263) 945-9133


Twitter: @KatiBernardy

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