Kichler Light and Learn Training Event

Kichler Light and Learn Training Event

Receive hands-on training at Kichler’s fast-paced and energetic Light and Learn

Kichler’s Light and Learn events offer lighting experts the opportunity to get their hands on Kichler’s newest products. You’ll gain knowledge on a variety of topics including but not limited to drop-in lamps, accent Gen 1.5 and the all-new Gen 3 Integrated LED. You don’t need a pen or pad of paper; Kichler presents a highly specific cost comparison and competitive analysis. Jill Robertson, Kichler’s Landscape Lighting Regional Sales Manager, broke down the differences between Generation 1.5 and 3.

For companies that attended, owners received a $500 Generation 3 product coupon. Not bad for just showing up.

Shop Kichler’s Gen 1.5 and Gen 3 on For more information on Kichler’s landscape lighting products, contact Joel Reinders at

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