Kichler’s Variable Lumen Output Landscape Lighting

Kichler's Variable Lumen Output Landscape Lighting

VLO Offers Contractors Greater Customization and Flexibility

What is VLO? VLO is Kichler’s newest landscape lighting technology and it stands for variable lumen output. In other words, one commercial-grade fixture can produce three different lumen outputs, or amounts of light. These three different lumen outputs are easily interchangeable with a magnetic key.

Gone are the days of methodically planning and installing lighting systems, only to dig up and re-install the system less than a few years later due to a changing landscape. When you’re not quite sure which lumen output makes the most sense, you can start with a single fixture and adjust the lighting output over time. 

Not only are VLO fixtures adaptable, the absense of mechanical adjustments decreases the long-term reliability concerns associated with many landscape lighting systems. The ease-of-use afforded by the magnetic key greatly reduces the chances of failure. The VLO LED landscape lighting fixtures are durable and high-quality, capable of producing lighting and ambiance that can be enjoyed for years. 

Level 1

400 Lumens | #16019 Large Accent, 35° Flood, 6W, 3000K

Level 2

600 Lumens | #16019 Large Accent, 35° Flood, 11W, 3000K

Level 3

835 Lumens | #16019 Large Accent, 35° Flood, 16W, 3000K

Design Capabilities

With Variable Lumen Output, you’ll find you have greater flexibility in terms of design, installation and customization without the need for more fixtures or supplies. 

VLO allows contractors unrivaled pliability when dealing with unique customer design requests or an evolving landscape. Whereas typical landscape lighting systems require digging, maneuvering or re-wiring, VLO systems can be adjusted with a magnetic key and a tiny bit of elbow grease. 

As flowers, shrubs and trees change overtime, so do the needs of customers and adjustments to fixtures or designs. You can feel confident in the system and it’s ability to adapt to the changing surroundings. 

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Installation Techniques

When working with Mother Nature, the ability to adapt is crucial. Landscapes are growing and seasons are changing, but one thing will never change: sky-high expectations. 

Variable lumen output allows contractors to create more customized lighting effects following the initial install, and also, carry fewer fixtures. It’s best to size your transformer based on the highest VA you intend to use. If you plan to size up or down in the future, you won’t run into any issues. 

Less of an emphasis is put on the initial installation plans as there is room to change and update lumen output, beam direction and more. Providing the homeowner with a magnetic key of their own can empower them to take control of their LED landscape lighting system, making small tweaks without the need for professional help.

Gone are the days of an “emergency” call at 6 p.m. on Friday for a small lighting adjustment. VLO is simple and easy-to-use, granting homeowners the confidence to make changes without poking through wires and jeopardizing the entire system. The ease of use afforded by the magnetic key allows quick and easy adjustments while greatly reducing the risk of failure. No wires, no screws, no headaches? Hopefully 😉

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