New Feature: ‘My Warehouse’

New Feature: ‘My Warehouse’

Take control of your shopping experience

The ‘My Warehouse’ feature is a brand-new function available to Pro Accounts to help create a faster checkout process and offer you more control of your shopping experience.

Typically shop from a specific warehouse?

Logged in customers are able to see current product inventory at a specific warehouse without clicking any buttons. Set your warehouse and all subsequent information related to product availability will reflect the location you’ve pre-selected. 

Ordering online to pick up in-store?

Will Call/Pickup orders are created out of your designated warehouse, thus avoiding any confusion on where the products are stocked or where they need to be picked up.

Need your order delivered?

Without any work on your end, Reinders’ delivery will generate out of the pre-selected warehouse.

How do I use the 'My Warehouse' feature?

To select your warehouse, look to the right of the search bar for ‘My Warehouse’. To change the default selection, click on the orange location.

Choose the state you’re looking for, and then the specific warehouse. You’ll then see this change reflected in the display field.

Benefits of 'My Warehouse' feature

Makes ordering online and picking up in-store a breeze

You’ll know exactly how much inventory is available at your nearest warehouse instantly. Shop confidently knowing your product is exactly where you expect it to be.

Personalized shopping experience

Never question if you’re shopping from the correct warehouse. Will Call/Pickup and Reinders Delivery orders will generate out of your selected warehouse. View real-time inventory from your nearest location without clicking a button.

Faster Checkout

Because you’ve pre-selected your preferred warehouse, the checkout process will require less clicks, or in other words, less time.

Can I make changes to 'My Warehouse'?

Yes. When changing the store location in ‘My Warehouse’, the last warehouse selected will remain in place until it is changed.

For example, you begin your shopping experience with the Sussex warehouse selected. You then change it to the Appleton warehouse, place an order and log out. Once you log back in, you’ll see the Appleton warehouse is still in place under ‘My Warehouse’ as it was selected the last time you were logged in. 

If you regularly place orders from two or more warehouses, please be sure to keep an eye on which warehouse is selected while you shop on

Please contact with any questions regarding your account or shopping on

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