Plant Food for Thought @ Cog Hill: A Reinders Event Recap

Plant Food for Thought

Recap of Plant Health Nutrition Seminar at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club

With the golf season wrapped up, the current focus for many may not be on-course maintenance or improvements. The wind is swirling and the ground is just about frozen. Sure, you can clean up the shop, craft new signs or tee markers, or do a complete analysis of your equipment inventory (endless fun!). But what if you could gain valuable product knowledge while learning and networking from industry peers; something that you can put to use next year? This can be a great time to expand your knowledge and make it out to an event that you may not have had time for during the busy season. With the help of Reinders, Plant Food Company, Inc. hosted a seminar on Plant Health Nutrition at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club.

Midwestern superintendents, sports field & turfgrass managers, and assistants descended upon Cog Hill, just southwest of Chicago, for the seminar on plant health nutrition. Numerous speakers were on hand including Tom Weinert and Greg Moore of Plant Food Company, Inc., while Cog Hill’s Superintendent Chris Flick shared knowledge, and industry-renowned professor Dr. Bruce Clark spoke about Rutgers University-led Anthracnose research.

Topics included:

  • Bicarbonates and solutions to water issues in the turfgrass industry (featuring Plant Food\’s Hydration A-Plus)
  • Dr. Clarke addressed the effects of topdressing (sand application should match the turfgrass growth rate)
  • Proof of how sufficient K reduces anthracnose and damage on some turf
  • And an impressive rundown of Plant Food Company products that can improve the health of turfgrass. Plant Food Company, Inc. specializes in the science and analysis of soil and turfgrass conditions. The result? Highly-specific, targeted programs that apply directly to your turf and microclimate.

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