Promo Request Form

Your request must be submitted by the 10th of the preceding month (i.e. submission for May is due by April 10). If promo is not submitted by 10th of the month, there is no guarantee it will be ready on time. It will be up to discretion of Marketing if submitted late.

You are free to submit any type of promotion, however, we encourage you to try and make use of the following types of promotions so that we can create a near-seamless experience for customers both online & offline.

Recommended Promo Templates:

These promotions are easier to implement online and provide easy-to-understand, quick-hitting offers that don’t take too much thought from a customer standpoint.

% or $ amount off a set of SKUs, PCAT, or category

Buy a product or set of products, get a % or $ off a different product(s)

Quantity discountsonly if promo also applies to guest customers

    Are the promotional products approved by the IMC and fully setup/active in our system? (Please double-check — we will not move forward with a promotion until products are approved and active) *
    Is this promotion also valid for Reinders Guest Accounts? *