Reinders 2018 Lighting Camp

Reinders 2018 Lighting Camp

Lighting Camp Benefits Local Landscape Professionals, Boerner Botanical Gardens

In the midst of dealing with snow, sleet, slush, mud and a whole lot more, Reinders 2018 Lighting Camp never wavered. The two-day camp offered classroom sessions and hands-on training to select local landscape professionals with the help of our lighting expert, Joel Reinders, and representatives from CAST Lighting.

The lighting professionals braved the conditions and took in the two-day camp exploring various approaches to visual & power design and installation techniques. Hundreds of fixtures, some custom made, were strategically placed and installed amongst the Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Thanks to the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens for allowing us to help with the project. The lighting system will debut to the public on June 15th as part of the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens’ annual “In the Gardens” fundraiser. You can find tickets here, which include a guided nighttime garden tour with our own Joel Reinders.

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