2.0: A Customer-First Experience

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A Website Redesign With YOU in Mind!

We are thrilled to announce that we will launch a new version of our website later this year!  

Over the past 10 years, we have seen transform from a bare-bones online platform into a sophisticated website that our customers trust, rely on, and have incorporated into their daily business operations.  Our customers have shared with us what they need and want in terms of user experience as they place orders, check product labels and information, browse past orders, pay bills, and more.  

So, when it was time to redesign the entire website, this valuable feedback served as a compass to ensure that we prioritized the features and technology that will improve our customers’ experience and positively impact their bottom line. 

The new was created with our core customer in mind. We strive to find ways to help move their business forward and facilitate more efficient processes which are critical to the longevity of the customer-distributor relationship. 

“We knew that the older was a good, solid website, but there are always improvements to be made.  After listening to customer feedback, we spent many months designing, developing, and testing the new version.  We can’t wait to share the updated, modern website that offers a great experience for our customers,” Jeremy Ott, Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce said.  

The website’s new features include customer personalization, real-time pricing and inventory updates, an improved quick order tool, and much more! 

As we move closer to the launch of 2.0, we will send communications to our customers about the new features, video tutorials, and information about how to use the new website and the actions they need to take.

Additional updates and information to come soon!

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