2.0: New Features and Benefits

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What will the website redesign do for you?

When we set out to redesign our website, we began with one primary, overarching goal that all new updates and features should fulfill: 2.0 needed to improve the overall user experience. So, we reviewed years of customer feedback and balanced that with the best technology available.  

The result is a sleek, streamlined website with powerful features that revolutionize how our customers shop, including making it easier to find relevant product recommendations, simplifying bulk ordering, offering real-time pricing and inventory updates, and much more!

With the website launching later this year, we wanted to share some of the fantastic features the new Reinders website will offer.

Feature 1: Customer Personalization

One advancement our team is eager to leverage is personalization — or the use of data analytics to tailor results and recommendations to the specific needs of the user. Now, shopping on will be customized to the individual needs of our customers instead of the previous one-size-fits-all experience. 

Personalization also offers product recommendations that are unique to the specific customer. Through a careful analysis of past purchases, brand preferences, and industry-specific requirements, the new will suggest complementary or alternative products that perfectly align with your business.  Our commitment to personalized recommendations ensures that our customers have access to the most suitable and innovative solutions, enhancing your overall shopping experience.

Other benefits of personalization include: 

  • Convenient re-ordering
  • Exclusive pricing and discounts  
  • A more efficient shopping experience

Feature 2: Real-Time Pricing & Inventory Updates

It’s important to always have accurate pricing and inventory. Leveraging new technology, we’ve worked to provide accurate and specific pricing information in real-time. In addition to custom pricing, you will also see precise inventory reporting. Now, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are always seeing correct pricing and inventory levels no matter when you are shopping, which makes it easier to budget for upcoming projects, larger purchases, and so much more. Spend less time deciphering pricing and inventory and more time running your business.

Here are even more benefits of this feature: 

  • Prevents unexpected pricing or inventory discrepancies
  • Always see your custom pricing when logged in 
  • Visibility to up-to-date inventory levels at all Reinders warehouses
A screenshot of the updated product detail page on the new Reinders website.

Feature 3: Easy Account Management

Managing your business’ customer account can be confusing and time-consuming.  That’s why we’ve simplified this process as much as possible. Our convenient account management features are designed for busy customers like you because it streamlines ordering, approvals, and purchasing, so you can get the products you need and focus on what truly matters — growing your business.  

One of the new features allows you to easily control your company structure and access levels, so you can create users without waiting to receive approval or login credentials.  

With our powerful platform, you gain access to a wide array of features and benefits that will simplify the way you manage your account, including: 

  • Pay bills at your convenience
  • Saved payment methods and shipping addresses for hassle-free checkout
  • Organized order contacts for quick and easy communication
  • Manage and place orders from requisition lists

Feature 4: Quick Order Tool

While we’re proud to offer an extensive inventory of products, we also understand that not every customer wants to sift through item after item to find what you’re looking for. And sometimes, customers can lose the exact SKU number or name of a product they liked. Thankfully, 2.0 will feature an improved quick order tool.  

With this helpful feature, the ordering process has never been faster or more efficient!  You can now search for products, make quantity adjustments, and add products to your cart all on the same page. And if your shopping list is long, simply upload a spreadsheet with SKUs and quantities, and the order tool will take care of the rest.  Fast and efficient, this optimized ordering process ensures you will save time and still get the products you need.

There are more benefits with this great feature, including: 

  • Ordering on the go with any smart device 
  • Save time on orders featuring many line items

Want to see this feature in action?  Watch the video tutorial below: 

Feature 5: Requisition Lists

Next, the Requisition List feature allows you to compile lists of products for different purposes. Are you planning an upcoming project and need to work out the budget? Do you have a list of standard products that you frequently reorder? You can create lists for that and more!  This feature also simplifies the purchasing process and ensures easy, consistent access to your essential products.

Check out the additional benefits of requisition lists: 

  • Stocking orders made easy
  • Plan projects to create quotes
  • Consistent ordering 
  • Order approval capabilities 
Want to see this feature in action?  Watch the video tutorial below: 

Feature 6: Intuitive Search Capabilities

Finally, the new will also boast intuitive search capabilities that will speedily yield relevant search results that will be a game-changer for your shopping experience. You’ll notice an improved look and feel as you search for products in addition to being shown top categories and related searches. Another new feature is better autocomplete functionality as you enter your search query which means less time typing. You’ll spend less time looking for products by getting finely-tuned and personalized search results!

New website later this year!

Over the last year, we have put countless hours into creating a modern website with new features that will make browsing, ordering, and managing your account easier. We are so excited about its launch in Fall 2023. 

With so many new bells and whistles, we will be sharing comprehensive video tutorials and other resources, so you can master these new features when the site goes live!

More information will be released in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back here and/or sign up for the Reinders newsletter

Are you interested in seeing a sneak peek of the new site before it launches?  We will be adding informative video tutorials to our YouTube channel, so you can check it out and learn how to use the site before it launches.

Start with the tutorial about how to build Requisition Lists–a new 2.0 feature you’ll love!


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