Reinders Gears Up for the 26th Turf Conference

Reinders will host their 26th biennial Turf Conference on March 13-14, 2024 at the Waukesha Expo Center in suburban Milwaukee, WI.

The Turf Conference is a two-day tradeshow and educational conference with turfgrass and grounds professionals, industry experts, and valued supplier partners converging to share and discover cutting-edge strategies, gain insights into the latest trends, and network with like-minded individuals.

“Throughout our 158-year history, Reinders has always championed education and spearheaded progress in the industry.  So much planning and coordination go into our Turf Conference because we want to be a reliable thought leader for our customers to learn, network, and support each other,” Dave Berg, Turf Business Manager, said.  “That’s why the theme of the 2024 conference is collaboration, innovation, and education.”  

This year’s event will feature over 30 fantastic and comprehensive seminars, including “The Benefits of Oxygen in the Turfgrass Rootzone,” “What Does The Future of Turfgrass Pest Management Look Like?”, and more.  Attendees will also enjoy Reinders’ famous homemade donuts, games and prizes, the all-new Reinders Lighting Village, and other attractions. 

Reinders founded the Turf Conference in 1973 to foster a community between suppliers and their customers, and it is now the largest independently run turf conference in the Midwest.  

Visit for seminar information and registration. 

Tickets are currently available.  It is $59 for a one-day pass and $99 for a two-day pass.  

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