Reinders Launches Updated Logo

We are pleased to unveil our new company logo which serves as a modern, refreshed representation of the Reinders brand.

With this update, we are aligning ourselves more closely with our counterparts at Spartan Distributors. Going forward, the Reinders and Spartan brands will become synonymous in terms of our market presence as well as the appearance and style of our logos.

As you may know, we rarely make changes to the Reinders brand. However, as we look toward the future and continue to expand our footprint in the Midwest, we are ensuring the look and feel of our company logo speak to the direction we’re heading in.

It’s important to understand that this change will not occur overnight. The Reinders ‘script’ will not suddenly disappear. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be making updates to corporate assets to reflect our new logo.

We are excited to move forward with this new chapter in our company’s evolution. Thank you for your continued support.

— The Reinders Team

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