Reinders to Become the MBA’s Official Sports Turf Products Supplier

Reinders is proud to welcome the Minnesota Association of Baseball as a new business partner through a Corporate Sponsorship agreement between Reinders and the MBA.

The Minnesota Baseball Association (MBA) is the governing body of Minnesota amateur baseball. “The MBA is very selective when choosing its business partners. Reinders matches the high level of professionalism, market representation, and industry reputation that we expect when choosing our strategic partners,” Mike Nagel, MBA Secretary/Treasurer, said. “Beginning April 2024, they will become the official sports field product provider and field expert of the Minnesota Baseball Association.”

By partnering with Reinders, MBA teams will not only receive specialized product kits for maintaining their baseball fields but also valuable information and field support from Reinders sports field experts and their industry allies. 

“Reinders is excited to partner with MBA members to help them maintain their ball field surfaces to the highest quality standard possible. Providing target-specific products to maintain their infield dirt and the green grass around it will create an exciting opportunity for us to work collaboratively with our vendor partners, including DuraEdge, who is also an MBA Corporate Sponsor,” added Joe Churchill, Field & Grounds Specialist for Reinders’ Minnesota market.

The MBA’s primary mission is to promote and govern amateur baseball play throughout the state. By maintaining cohesive rules and promoting the magic of the sport, it aims to increase awareness and play across Minnesota. It currently represents 273 teams across 40 leagues.

We look forward to this partnership in 2024!

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