Reinders’ Ultimate Guide to Winter Product Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Winter Product Accessories

The Key Winter Accessories to Tackle the Harsh Weather

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Your preparedness doesn’t stop at shovels, salt and spreaders. Reinders offers a diverse selection of winter product accessories: gloves, storage bins, driveway markers, gas cans and more.

Driveway Markers

Line your driveway with markers available in orange, blue red or yellow – wrapped with white reflector tape to increase visibility at all times and improve the accuracy of snow removal.

Driveway Markers

Winter Insulated Gloves

Fully fleece-lined gloves cover your hands up to your wrists preventing loose snow from sneaking down your gloves onto your palms. Bright orange color helps with visibility during late night snow removal.

Ice Melt Storage Bin

The large, durable outdoor storage bin holds up to 300 LBS of material or six 50 LB bags. The storage bin is waterproof and rodent resistant keeping your salt or ice melt safe throughout the season. Perfect for storing ice melt at businesses, schools or municipalities to keep their walkways safe. Not digging the blue? It’s also available in yellow!

Storage Bin - Blue

Keep the journey going this season with our Winter Products brochure, complete with ALL of our winter product offerings.

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