Reinders’ Ultimate Guide to Winter Spreaders

Quickly and Accurately Apply Ice Melt with a Winter Spreader

Winter Spreaders

Temps are dropping and snowflakes are flying. This is as good a time as ever to make sure you’re prepared to take on the ice and snow. The right ice melt spreader can make a huge difference in the efficiency of labor time and the amount of product used.

With so many choices on the market, how do you begin to differentiate them to best match your needs? Let us help take out some of that guesswork.

These can be the perfect option when you need to make sure your choice of ice melt is flowing properly, and your pavement surfaces are as safe as possible.

Check out the specifics on some of the most reliable walk-behind ice melt spreaders on the market!

SnowEx Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader160 LB Hopper

Strong, sturdy polyethylene hopper construction will reduce corrosion and enhance the life of the equipment. Hit your target every time thanks to the deflector skirt that comes standard on this model. It adjusts the spread width for sidewalk applications to focus the spreader on the target area only. That means less wasted material during application!

Save your gloves from being ruined and your back from the aches and pain – the smooth and steady flow of the Broadcast Spreader will leave you with one question: why didn’t I try this sooner?


EarthWay Drop Spreader – 65 LB Hopper

The EarthWay Drop Spreader will be a dream come true to load in and out of your truck. This incredible option weighs less than 15 lbs., but can still do the work of holding 65 lbs. of material. Whether using ice melt or fine rock salt products, the 22” wide drop swath gives you excellent material flow and an accurate and even spread zone.

Thanks to its 5-spoke semi-pneumatic wheels, the Drop Spreader is easy to maneuver. Perfect for small area spreading such as sidewalks, pathways, or smaller parking lots.


Spyker Ergo Pro Stainless-Steel Spreader – 100 LB Hopper

Built for the toughest conditions, the Spyker Ergo Pro spreader offers a stainless-steel frame with reduced assembly.  This walk-behind salt spreader offers a hi-vis reflective frame for visibility in low-light conditions or bad weather. So even when Mother Nature is working against you, trust you’ll be well equipped to easily and powerfully tackle the task at hand!

The Ergo Pro is equipped to make your tough job easier. With a hopper capacity of 100 lbs, you can work efficiently without having to stop to refill as often. This professional spreader is built strong with pneumatic tires to minimize fatigue, increase traction, and reduce damage to grass.


Chapin SureSpread Salt and Ice Melt Spreader80 LB Hopper

A heavy-duty stainless-steel frame anchors the Chapin SureSpread, but this spreader is built with strength an extensive list of heavy duty features. The impressive 12” tires give you added stability on any terrain so you can easily get to whatever area may need application. Also get specificity with an adjustable 360° salt baffle system that affords you the luxury of spreading salt only where you want it.

Comfort grips are accompanied by gate controls within a few inches reach. A poly conical auger and 43% larger gate opening helps minimize clumping of the product and increases the flow.


Need even more winter products?

Reinders carries a wide selection of walk-behind salt spreaders to professionally apply your choice of ice melt product.

Find even more when you check out our Winter Products brochure, complete with ALL of our latest winter product offerings.

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