Reinders’ Ultimate Guide to Winter Spreaders

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Quickly and Accurately Apply Ice Melt with a Winter Spreader


Snow-Ex Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader160 LB Hopper

Strong, sturdy polyethylene hopper construction will reduce corrosion and enhance the life of the equipment. Hit your target every time thanks to the deflector skirt that adjusts the spread width for sidewalk applications to focus the spreader on the target area only. Save your gloves from being ruined and your back from the aches and pain – the smooth and steady flow of the Broadcast Spreader will leave you with one question: why didn’t I try this sooner?

EarthWay Drop Spreader – 65 LB Hopper

The EarthWay Drop Spreader weighs less than 15 lbs. but can hold more than 60 lbs. Talk about packing a powerful punch. With a 22” wide drop swath, the Drop Spreader is ideal for small area spreading such as sidewalks, pathways or smaller parking lots. An easy-to-use gauge and lever allows complete control over the application rate.

Prizelawn Stainless Steel Commercial Broadcast Spreader – 70 LB Hopper

Upgraded from the previous version, the 4th generation Commercial Broadcast spreader offers a stainless-steel frame with reduced assembly. Fingertip controls provide unique on-the-go operation without stopping or stooping. Its “bag-and-a-half” capacity is perfect for most jobs. An on/off system and self-lubricating gears ensure a smooth, concise spread with each pass you make. Strong, turf tread 13” tires provide a steady ride over any surface.

Chapin SureSpread Salt and Ice Melt Spreader100 LB Hopper

A heavy-duty stainless-steel frame anchors the Chapin SureSpread while the many features are sure to impress. An adjustable 360° salt baffle system affords you the luxury of spreading salt only where you want it. Comfort grips are accompanied by gate controls within a few inches reach. A poly conical auger and 43% larger gate opening helps minimize clumping of the product and increases the flow.

Keep the journey going this season with our ’17-’18 Winter Products brochure, complete with ALL of our winter product offerings.

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