Shops: Westmoor Country Club

Shops: Westmoor Country Club

The Maintenance Shop is the command center of a golf course

If you’ve worked on a golf course, you most likely have fond memories of the shop. The dust and dirt covered doorway, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of the mechanic grinding away. 

The Maintenance Shop is the command center of the golf course maintenance operation. It’s a place where you learn — everything from punctuality and hard-work to the importance of height of cut and which equipment takes regular or mixed gas. It’s a place where the staff can relax, bond and become a team. 

Patrick Reuteman has been apart of the staff at Westmoor CC for over eight years. Beginning as a grounds worker at Westmoor, Reuteman realized working on a golf course was something he was passionate about, and eventually received his degree in Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Patrick interned at University Ridge GC, at Miller Park under Michael Boettcher, and finally made his way back to Westmoor as the Assistant Superintendent. 

In January of 2017, Patrick took the reins as Head Superintendent at Westmoor. With the help of Head Technician John Niemiec, who happens to have 33 years experience at Westmoor, the shop is clean, organized and well-thought-out with a focus on efficiency. Reuteman has found ways to encourage his staff to take pride in course maintenance and the upkeep of their equipment.

The shop may just seem like the building that houses tools and equipment, but there’s much more to it. The organization and cleanliness is a representation of Patrick’s expectations. When the boss leads by example, it lends to a motivated and reliable crew.

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