SnowEx Liqui Maxx Demo

SnowEx Liqui Maxx Demo

Liqui Maxx Spray System Handles Commercial Anti- & De-icing

Contractors traditionally explore SnowEx liquid ice control sprayers for one reason: to save money. Rock salt was the only option for ice control and snow removal up until the mid-2000’s. Unfortunately, rock salt and other granular ice melts often require time to activate while bouncing and scattering amongst traffic, and nullifying any precision application you hoped for.

So, SnowEx developed the AccuSpray™ — a fully integrated pre-wetting spreading system in 2006. As they say, the rest is history. Separating itself from traditional ice melts, liquid brine can be pre-applied prior to ice accumulation or snowfall. However, liquid ice melt is no one-trick-pony. It is also capable of de-icing roadways after snowfall or ice has accumulated. Liquid brine allows schedule flexibility (apply pre- or post-snowfall), precise application and near-instantaneous activation greatly diminishes wait times.

SnowEx equipment is developed to handle the many demands of winter maintenance. The Liqui Maxx system is one of the top ice control sprayers on the market as it is designed specifically for anti-icing and de-icing jobs. Every element of the system is purpose-built to resist the cold weather and deliver optimum performance when applying liquid brine. With tank sizes ranging from 300 to 1,250 Gallons, the Liqui Maxx spray system is designed for use on both small and large vehicles for commercial purposes.

One of the most popular features offered with the Liqui Maxx Sprayer System is a deluxe control that sits alongside you in the cab. Providing automatic flow rate adjustments with speed input as needed, the deluxe control also manages the driver-side, center-lane, and passenger-side spray zones independently. We recommend an optional GPS speed sensor to optimize the speed input for automatic flow rate adjustments.

An application of liquid ice melt prior to a winter storm will prevent the thick layer of snow and ice from forming on the roadway. As a result, post-storm clean up is much easier and takes less time. Anti-icing can also help prevent the accumulation of frost on bridges or high-traffic areas. You\’ll have more control over where you apply the liquid, yielding less waste and better results.

For questions on SnowEx liquid ice melt equipment or to request a demo, please contact Stacey Balsley at or 262-372-5940.

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