Statement on Glyphosate

Statement on Glyphosate

Reinders' Statement on Glyphosate

We are aware of the discussions surrounding glyphosate and we have received several questions regarding alternative products. We care deeply about our customer’s concerns in regard to its place in our industry. 

The EPA recently reaffirmed its findings from 2017 that there is no evidence that glyphosate is a public health risk. This finding is also backed by numerous international panels of experts and regulatory authorities. We will continue to support the science-based research and regulation of pesticides by the EPA.

For those interested in an alternative product to glyphosate, we currently offer NuFarm’s Cheetah Pro Herbicide. Cheetah Pro is fast and effective, providing non-selective broad-spectrum weed control. Cheetah Pro is a proven solution to managing existing and emerging herbicide resistance issues.

Find Cheetah Pro at your nearest Reinders location or shop online at

For questions or recommendations on alternative products, please contact your local rep.

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