Toro Outcross 9060 – Coming Summer 2018!

Toro Outcross 9060 – Coming Summer 2018

Toro’s all-new Outcross 9060 allows you to do more with less

Turfgrass managers are constantly faced with the challenge of “doing more with less”. Oftentimes this entails stomaching budget cuts all while maintaining, or improving, the condition of your course or field. It sounds doable in theory, but in reality, it just makes the job of a superintendent or turfgrass manager all the more difficult. What if there was a piece of equipment you could invest in that saves you time, labor and money in the long-run? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

The newest commercial equipment offering from Toro is a time and labor saver, a multi-purpose monster of a machine. Touting the power of a tractor and the flexibility of a super-duty utility vehicle, the Outcross is an invaluable piece of equipment the turfgrass industry hasn’t seen before. This isn’t your grandfather’s agricultural tractor.

The Toro Outcross 9060 is the ultimate combination of functionality and versatility allowing owners to replace two or three pieces of equipment that once served specific purposes. Attachments are easily exchanged with a remote control to tackle different jobs.  The turf-friendly beast is nimble enough to not hurt your turfgrass but also powerful enough for heavy lifting and working in the winter. Whether it’s removing snow and ice or simply clearing pathways on a property, the ease-of-use and flexibility lend to year-round production from the Outcross. Put your resources into something you can use every single day. You’ll be rewarded with consistency, efficiency, and reliability.

Operating the Outcross couldn’t be much easier. As opposed to working with complicated controls of traditional tractors, the Outcross has a hydrostatic drive system. Operators simply select forward or reverse, and drive. With such simple controls, the ability to introduce less experienced team members to the machine can increase flexibility and keep your team productive. Managers can set-up and save each attachment (one-time, upfront) to guarantee the machine performs exactly to your desired specifications. Save settings for up to 16 different attachments for ease of use and a seamless transition for any operator in the seat, no matter their skill level.

Regardless if you’re a low-budget municipality or high-end private club, the Outcross can be used all day, every day. Housing and maintaining dedicated machines with limited capabilities is costly and there’s no guarantee how much use the equipment will see. Invest in a piece of equipment that is multi-faceted and capable of tackling countless different tasks year-round. That’s getting your “money’s worth”.

So, what’s possible with the Outcross 9060?

  • Mow grass
  • Spread fertilizer
  • Load sand
  • Haul a pallet of sod
  • Aerate
  • Topdress
  • Remove snow and ice
  • Blow leaves
  • Prune roots
  • Spread seed
  • Tow a trailer
  • Sweep a path
  • Chip wood

Are you on board? Keep an eye out for more information on the Outcross 9060 and its highly-anticipated release this summer.

If you have any questions regarding the Outcross 9060 or other Toro Commercial Equipment, please contact John, our Turf Equipment Manager at

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