TreeDiaper: Maintenance-Free Tree Hydration System

TreeDiaper: Maintenance-Free Tree Hydration System

What is the TreeDiaper®?

The TreeDiaper is a slow-release irrigation system for newly planted trees. Suitable for year-round use, just 1″ of rain allows the diaper to be effective for up to a month. The TreeDiaper keeps the root zone at a more consistent temperature, which helps roots thrive as it helps reduce extreme temperature and moisture level variances — yielding stronger, healthier trees that survive their most vulnerable stages.

The TreeDiaper’s super-absorbent polymers hold up to 500x their weight in water. The unmatched water storage capacity helps reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for an extensive watering schedule.

The top layer of the TreeDiaper is a weed barrier preventing weeds and plants from competing for water with the root zone. The bottom layer is made of water permissible pre-consumer recycled diaper material.

Features & Benefits of the TreeDiaper

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The TreeDiaper can be left out year-round and refills itself with natural precipitation — both rain and snow. With 1” of rain, it will last 30 days before needing additional water.


Lasts 30 days without refilling. Super absorbent polymers hold 500x their weight in water for unmatched storage and irrigation efficiency.


Works as a weed barrier to eliminate weeds and plants from competing for water in the root zone.


TreeDiaper keeps the root zone at a more consistent temperature, which helps roots thrive due to a reduction in extreme temperature and moisture level variances.

Who should use the TreeDiaper?


The TreeDiaper is perfect for nurseries with countless new trees that require frequent watering and maintenance. Reduce labor costs by installing the TreeDiaper. 


Whether a newly built highway is lined with young trees or a new development requires a lush landscape, TreeDiapers can continuously water and maintain proper moisture levels with little to no manual maintenance. 


For larger projects that feature several newly planted trees, the TreeDiaper reduces the time homeowners need to spend tending to the trees. Plus, it prevents contractors from making follow up visits to a job site to consistently water. 


Planting a new tree, shrub or bush? Using the TreeDiaper, you will only need to water and/or maintain your new plants every few weeks. Spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time maintaining it. 

Where can I find the TreeDiaper?

The TreeDiaper is available on in two sizes — 24″ and 36″. The 24″ model is fit for trees, bushes or shrubs up to 1.5″ in diameter, while the 36″ model is suitable for those up to 3″ in diameter.

You can also purchase the TreeDiaper at any of our store locations throughout the Midwest.

Contact customer service or your local Reinders rep with any questions. 

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