Turf Sprayer Education Event

Industry support is at the forefront of the MAGCS mission

On a cold January Morning in Mundelein, nearly 100 golf course superintendents, assistants, technicians and mechanics throughout the Chicago area attended MAGCS’ Midwest Equipment Technician Seminar covering sprayer technology.

Vendor reps and Reinders’ commercial equipment experts covered everything you’d need to know about your turf sprayer, from lower-level, more basic information to the higher-level, more complex topics. Whether you’ve operated a sprayer for five years or five weeks, there was something to take away and apply to your program.

"...this type of day, this education is what we were founded upon. The ability for our members to come together, to network, to share information, to succeed together."

With multiple Toro Multi Pro Spayers on-site, attendees were able to touch, feel and interact directly with the machines. Discolored parts and sprayer components full of gunk served as reminders of “what not to do”.

A major benefit for attending association-level educational events is the ability to have 1-on-1 conversations and ask questions. While the presentations are always filled with loads of valuable information, it may not all be relevant to your application. Whether it’s before or after a presentation, speakers are eager to lend insight and advice to help with your specific situation. Just ask!

Visit MAGCS.org for news on upcoming events or information on joining the association.

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