Turfgrass Goes Hollywood

Whether you spend your days tirelessly working to get your clients’ requests just right, or are looking for something to do on a rainy day – here are five classic movies that somewhat capture the day-to-day humor of the green industry.

  1. Caddy Shack (1980)

Perhaps the greatest golf movie of all time, Caddyshack, can most likely be recited nearly word for word by someone you know. The most memorable character is Greenskeeper Carl Spackler, an odd ball that never ceases to cause more problems than he can fix. A back and forth with the Head Greenskeeper, Sandy, produced this classic exchange –

“I want you to kill every gopher on the course.”

“Check me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re going to lock me up and throw away the key”

  1. Starsky and Hutch (2004)

Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg) is a street-smart, underground colleague of Starsky and Hutch. When Huggy Bear goes on an undercover mission by serving as Reese Feldman’s (Vince Vaughn) caddy, well, he makes the cut.

“You know a lot about golf?”

“I know even more about grass.”

  1. Happy Gilmore (1996)

If you didn’t care for Caddyshack, you’ve got to love the cult classic Happy Gilmore. Based on a loose-cannon amateur golfer looking to make some money on the professional tour, Gilmore needs to raise money to help pay off his grandmother’s home. Away from the golf course, an evil retirement home manager, Ben Stiller, hands out back-breaking work to residents like its candy at Halloween.

“My fingers hurt.”

“Oh, well, now your back’s going to hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty. Anyone else’s fingers hurt? I didn’t think so.”

  1. The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

We’ve all been on the tee, preparing for our backswing when a playing partner chimes in, “Keep your eye on the ball”. Or how about grip it and rip it? Yep, heard that one a few times. Bagger Vance gives a little more inspiring advice than that. What’s the best advice you’ve received on the course?

  1. Goofy and Golfing (1996)

Golf isn’t the most giving of sports and many times your patience will be tested. What’s most important is not the score or your skill, but your ability to relax and enjoy one of the world’s most special games. No matter the place or time, there is the always present friendly discussion between playing partners – count ‘em up, how many strokes? Well, not as many as you.

“How many strokes?”

“8 or a 9.”

“I’ll give you an 8.”

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