Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights Means Next Level in Lighting

Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights Means Next Level in Lighting

The professional lighting industry is about to get happy as we introduce a new generation of controllable RGB LED string lights called Twinkly Pro.  Twinkly is a technological evolution of traditional Christmas light decorations that creates real innovation and is easy to setup and fun to work with. Twinkly was developed by Ledworks, a European-based company, whose mission is to bring software innovation to the world consumer and professional lights, and they achieved it!

Twinkly uses the RGB bulb and light industry-pros Minleon / Rainmin to manufacture these high-quality lights.  Minleon / Rainmin is a choice vendor of Reinders for many RGB lighting products as they have a great reputation and produce strong, reliable light strings.  Minleon / Rainmin RGB-LED’s pretty much run forever.  The life span of a typical RGB application is 50,000 hours.

50,000 hours = 2083 days or 8 years of 24-hours run-time at full brightness.

Teamed up, Twinkly Pro’s technology and application with Minleon / Rainmin commercial-grade lights have made a creative, colorful, and pioneering lighting system. These RGB animated lights are affordable and with your ingenuity and imagination you can create an amazing Twinkly light display with no software or hardware barriers. 

Using the Twinkly Mobile App on your mobile device you can create custom layouts in minutes.  Thanks to the patented technology you do not need complex schematics prior to setup.  The mobile phone camera mapping algorithm does all the work for you.  Just point your camera at the display of lights and choose start mapping.  The App will map all your lights for you in seconds and you are ready to start applying effects! 

How cool would it be, playing your own videos and animations on your Twinkly tree? You absolutely can do this by simply uploading your media to the Twinkly App, play and enjoy!  Smart string lights you control with the power to create right in your hands.  Make truly amazing, unique effects that will stop traffic and make the neighbors envious. 

Make 2020 a year like no other and create amazing holiday displays with a fantastic group of Twinkly Christmas using a dual-line light string of 250 RGB addressable LED capsule bulbs per strand.  If you are installing lights in a city, town, and large scale installation you can create a curtain of brilliant colors with Twinkly Pro Capsule Curtains.

As always, our team of RGB experts are available to help you plan, give product recommendations and professional advice.  Call us today at 262-797-6571 (local) or 1-877-785-3309 (toll free) – we are here for you!

Check out Twinkly Pro on and begin to create next-level lighting.  The possibilities are endless.

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