Upgrade Your Aerating Fountain with Customizable Color

A large water fountain at night. The spray is gold and purple.

One of the most alluring parts about a commercial property — casino, resort, country club, or even a business campus — is the ambiance the grounds create.  Landscaping, lighting, and especially water features play a significant role in catching a customer’s eye and setting the tone for visitors.  Rolling, healthy green grass and manicured shrubbery demonstrate care and pride in the space.  A gorgeous water fountain can add a bit of magic.

However, what can you do when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and take your water display to the next level? The answer: a water fountain with color-changing light that exudes whimsy and luxurious attention-to-detail.  So how do you add color to your fountain without buying an entirely new one?

We recommend Otterbine’s Fountain Glo MIDI-RGBW Lighting KitThis is an affordable and beautiful add-on for any 1HP to 5HP floating fountain.  The kit, which comes in sets of four Midi RGBW fountain lights, offers infinite and pre-programmable color-changing sequences that can be set and controlled with a handheld remote.  The remote offers effortless control over the displays so that you can change them quickly and easily.  We have found that the kit can retrofit onto most manufacturer’s fountain floats. It can also be fitted with an optional stand-alone small control panel so it does not have to integrate into the existing fountain panel.

"The versatility with this product—whether it be the 150-foot or more range on the handheld remote, to the optional WIFI connection—makes these lights very easy to use and program to your liking."

Kevin Olwig, Reinders’ Fountain & Water Feature Specialist, appreciates Otterbine’s Fountain Glo MIDI-RGBW Lighting Kit for many reasons.  “The versatility with this product—whether it be the 150-foot or more range on the handheld remote, to the optional WIFI connection—makes these lights very easy to use and program to your liking,” Olwig said. 

Add Flare to your Commercial Pond Fountains

If, for example, you are hosting a wedding, a convention, or an association event, the Fountain Glo Lighting add-on gives you the ability to project your client’s precise colors in the fountain, and even control the vibrancy and temperature of the color to please even the most exacting customers. Olwig continued, “the best feature is the endless amount of color options to choose from, and the many pre-programmed color sequences to choose from, which makes these lights an amazing, user-friendly addition to your fountain.”

Designed to Dazzle, Built To Last

We don’t blame you if you think this product is too good to be true.  The Otterbine lighting kit is designed to dazzle and built to go the distance. The lights can be submerged in up to 16 inches of water and still maintain a stunning light display.  It’s also proven to work for over 50,000 hours!  This workhorse is constructed out of 304 stainless steel and is completely submersible.  The conductors also resist moisture, cracking, and softening.  

For an added layer of security, Otterbine offers a two-year warranty, so you can be confident that even if you have problems, they will be resolved quickly.  

Ultimately, the Otterbine’s Fountain Glo Lighting Kit is a fantastic complement to your aerating fountain, giving you the ability to level up your lightning design (and the entire surroundings) with show-stopping, customizable color while still being cost-effective.

Contact our fountain team if you learn more about Otterbine’s aerating fountains, LED submersible light kits, and more!

Otterbine’s Fountain Glo MIDI-RGBW Lighting Kit

Introducing the latest addition to Otterbine’s Fountain Glo lighting family! Created to offer a cost effective solution for adding brilliant color to your fountain lighting package, the Midi-RGBW 9W Light Sets provides thousands of colors with preprogrammed sequences to complement any of our 1HP-5HP Aerating Fountains.

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