Utilize Equipment Add-Ons to Maximize Productivity

Utilize Equipment Add-Ons to Maximize Productivity

Discover how machines from Toro and Ventrac can be used in the sun, the snow, and everything in-between thanks to their versatility.

As each new season approaches, there’s always new equipment flooding the market to add to your fleet, but is it necessary to have cluttered storage and one-too-many tools? Maximize your productivity by utilizing unique add-ons to your machinery and equipment, allowing a seamless flow between winter, spring, summer, and fall. You’ll eliminate the need for specialty equipment (or costly rental charges for specific jobs) by using the proper attachments on your existing machinery.

With Toro and Ventrac, you’re able to prep for spring just as efficiently as you’re able to tackle winter maintenance. Using equipment year-round delivers a far better return on investment than equipment that sits for a season or more. What sets Toro and Ventrac equipment apart from many of their competitors is the built-in seasonal versatility afforded by their add-on products. 

Let’s look at various benefits and add-ons that are available to each piece of equipment and how they can maximize your productivity no matter what time of year

Toro: Multi-Use Equipment for All Seasons

Toro succeeds in producing equipment that has the ultimate versatility. The brand’s wide range of machinery, like the Groundsmaster®, Outcross®, and Workman®, can make quick work for season-specific tasks, executing spring prep, summer landscaping, fall cleanup, and even winter maintenance, with the right add-ons.

Take a look at the range and versatility of Toro equipment:

  • If you’re searching for a daily go-to utility vehicle, the Workman HDX is the answer. It’s the everyday workhorse of your maintenance fleet. With a perfect combination of power, speed, and hauling ability, you’ll have no problem finding ways to put this vehicle to use. It’s durable and strong, ready to take on hard and heavy workloads with the right add-ons, like clearing parking lots or driveways using the BOSS snowplow attachment.
  • The all-new Workman UTX functions like an extension of your work crew. Whether hauling, towing, plowing or countless other demanding work tasks, the Workman UTX is ready to get to work. A ton 2,000 lbs. (907kg) of towing, 25% more cargo capacity than competitors and two standard 2” (5cm) receivers (front and rear) gives the new UTX the means to tackle any job.
  • Convert the powerful Groundsmaster 7210 rotary mower into an excellent snow removal machine in less than four hours! With quick-connect attachments, like a snow thrower, rotary sweeping broom, and snowplow options, you’ll be able to efficiently carry out taxing winter duties just as effortlessly as you can mow. With Toro’s patented Polar Trac System, the mower-turned-plow is a beast in the snow, including a heated safety cab for comfort and protection. The Groundsmaster 360 is also a highly versatile piece of machinery suitable for use in any weather with its Quad-Steer system. 
  • The Outcross 9060 prioritizes versatility and productivity. This machine can easily replace several pieces of equipment with its unique ability to add just about any attachment you can think of, saving you valuable time and space. You can even opt for things like a factory-installed cab to keep operators comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Ventrac’s Attachments Makes for a Powerful & Productive Lineup

The versatility in Ventrac’s equipment and attachments allows you to work hard all season long. Get your jobs done efficiently with machinery that meets all your needs.

See for yourself how Ventrac and its ultimate attachments make every job possible:

  • Ventrac’s 4500 Tractor can do it all. It’s a one-tractor-solution. Aerating, grinding stumps, blowing leaves, moving debris, snow removal — you name it. With a mounting system that doesn’t require any tools, out-front attachments for better control and safety, all-wheel drive, and a commercial-grade engine, this tractor makes easy work of seasonal tasks. 
  • Connect attachments with minimal time and effort thanks to Ventrac’s Mount System. No tools necessary, no back-breaking lifting. All Ventra attachments connect in minutes. Learn how to execute the simple connection here

Dual (or triple) threat equipment gives you the upper edge in maximizing productivity while saving money on specialty equipment or costly rental charges for specific jobs. 

If you like what you see— how could you not? —or if you’re ready to make the most of your time, money, and energy, get in touch with your local equipment representative for more information. Schedule a demo of any of the powerful, effective machines mentioned above brought to you by Toro and Ventrac to witness the year-round productivity first-hand.

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