VIDEO: How to Install an Aquascape Fountainscape

Installing a water feature can seem like an impossible task: messy and costly with hours of labor. But with the help of Aquascape & Reinders, it’s made easy. The Aquascape Spillway Bowl & Basin is the perfect water feature to incorporate into your backyard space or garden. It’s easy to install and can be integrated into any landscape job. The aesthetic value of a calming water feature is immense, the sight and sound is the definition of soothing. “The great thing about water features is they have a healing effect on the soul,” says Aquascape PRO sales consultant Chris Wilson. “When you install a water feature… it brings a contractor relationship a little bit closer to the home owner.”

For contractors, a water feature is something new and exciting for you or your crew to install. If your customer chooses to have a water feature installed, most times they will move on to bigger and more extensive ponds, waterfalls or fountains. In turn, your relationship with the customer is extended — instead of the monotonous grind of mowing, planting and mulching, you can transform their backyard or garden into a serene space. Aquascape fountainscape installations typically require 2-3 people and should take roughly 3 hours. Visit for more information on Aquascape products or contact your local Reinders store.

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