What is ‘My Top Products’?

Making it Easier to Find Your Reinders.com Products

‘My Top Products’ is a brand new feature developed solely for our Reinders.com customers. It organizes your most frequently-purchased products in one place, making it easier to find and re-order your top products in seconds. Drawing from both in-store and online order history, My Top Products also contains an easy-to-use search bar and filter drop-down, allowing you to quickly and accurately find the products that are most important to you. Click to watch the video below. 


  • Search and filter through only the products you’ve purchased (online & offline)
  • See custom and list pricing
  • Check warehouse availability on multiple products without leaving the page 
  • Enter desired quantities and add multiple products to cart at once

You no longer need to search or filter through all of the 20,000+ products we offer online. Save your valuable time and focus on the products that are most important to you. Looking for a specific rotor you’ve purchased in the past but don’t care to sort through tools and lighting? Simply search ‘Rotor’.  

Whether you search by product name or SKU, ‘My Top Products’ will cut down the time you spend looking for your desired items.

Search 'rotor' to bring up previously purchased rotors.

How Do I Access 'My Top Products'?

Once logged in, ‘My Top Products’ is available through the main menu on the Reinders.com homepage.

You can also access your top products through the menu in ‘Account Overview’.

Take advantage of the ‘My Top Products’ feature when you sign up for a Reinders.com Pro Account. Not signed up yet? Go to Reinders.com/signup to get your free login!

Please contact ecommerce@reinders.com with any questions regarding your account or shopping on Reinders.com.

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