What’s New on Reinders.com

What’s New on Reinders.com

The Latest Updates & Features on Reinders.com

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience on Reinders.com. Through listening to customer feedback and extensive testing, we’ve taken numerous steps to enhance the site’s user interface, add frequently requested products, and improve site functions like speed and searching for relevant products.

Our goal is to establish Reinders.com as an industry-leading resource to our customers, offering the latest product specs and information while ensuring the shopping journey is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Best of all, you can access Reinders.com anytime and anywhere. Get ahead of your biggest projects and work confidently knowing that you can get what you need, when you need it. 

Recent Updates

My Top Products

‘My Top Products’ is a feature developed for our Reinders customers that have an Online Pro account. It organizes your most frequently-purchased products in one place, making it easier to find and re-order your top products in a matter of seconds thanks to the updated search function. 

The number of products that appear on the first page load has been increased from 10 to 30 based on customer feedback. 

What does that mean for you? Time saved. Less clicking and scrolling.

Added Over 6000 FX Luminaire Low-voltage Lighting Products

We’re excited to add over 6000 FX Luminaire products to our already extensive selection of low-voltage lighting products. FX Luminaire has a wide range of lighting products for many different applications. 

FX is giving contractors more tools and flexibility to adjust and create flare with their outdoor living applications.

New Standard and Par Aide Products

Some of the most requested items for sale on Reinders.com were golf course supplies. You no longer need to place multiple orders with different companies. Take care of your needs with confidence by ordering in one place.

Listed under Golf Course Supplies, Reinders.com is now proudly stocked with all of your course necessities from bunker rakes to tee markers and maintenance tools. 

Redesigned Page Layouts

Mobile Enhancements

Shopping on Reinders.com from your phone or tablet just got a lot easier. The ‘My Account’ section and product listing pages have been redesigned to feature a much cleaner look. The updated layout and search will allow customers to find products faster.

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More Products on Category Pages

We’ve updated the number of products that appear on product listing pages from 12 to 25.

What does that mean for you? Time saved. Less clicking and scrolling.

As you probably have noticed, the majority of our updates are based in saving our customer’s time. We know yours is extremely valuable, and Reinders.com is designed to reflect that.

Found under Training and Resources on Reinders.com, our comprehensive Ecommerce tutorials answer many of the most frequently asked questions.

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My Top Products

‘My Top Products’ is a new feature within your Reinders.com account that organizes all of your most-often purchased products. You’ll be able to see all of the products you’ve purchased in the past, both in-store and online. Shopping for your favorite products has never been easier.

My Account

The ‘My Account’ section is the motherboard of all activity with Reinders. All of your purchase history, in-store and online, is listed here.

Product Quick View

Less clicking. Make better use of your time. Access more information simply by clicking the (+) — try it today.

Saved Carts

Load it up and save it for later – if you’re quoting a job or just want to save a cart for future jobs, use Saved Carts under My Account and never lose your spot again.

Change or Lost Password

As we sign up for more accounts and services, it becomes harder to remember all of our different usernames and passwords. Not to worry, if you happen to forget or misplace your Reinders.com password, simply follow the instructions to quickly and safely reset your password.

  • NOTE: Your login is your email address used to sign up for Reinders.com.

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