Where Are My Irrigation Products?

Where Are My Irrigation Products?

Why doesn't Reinders have the products I need?

Valued Reinders Customer,

We hope that your summer is proving to be productive and your business and families are healthy and strong. While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to all of us it has been a great year for irrigation so far! The weather has allowed many irrigation projects to continue and contractors are busier than ever.

One of the major challenges that continues in our industry is with our supply chain. Some of our manufacturers have seen major industry-wide backlogs in all product lines due to COVID plant shutdowns, labor shortages, and lost production time.

Greater demand, product component shortages, and low production have contributed to this situation.

What is causing the supply chain issue?

Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro have plants in Mexico where Unions have shutdown their facilities during COVID to protect their workers. They struggled for many weeks to figure out how to re-open safely and get production lines back up.

This delay has caused backlogs for the manufacturers in sourcing materials such as springs, clamps, and electronics for clocks. These manufacturers have also had facility and production down time of their own.

The result:

Irrigation manufacturers cannot get the parts they need and cannot timely supply us the products you are looking for.

However, there is good news!

These manufacturers are working 24/7 and bringing in more workers to try and get the products delivered this year. The standard 2-week delivery times have extended out 30-60 days in the past months and manufacturers are saying those types of delays are shrinking and the worst of it is over.

Reinders has been working very hard to get these products on order early to get them as soon as they are available for you. While some products are in short-supply and high demand right now, we are hopeful this will pass.

How can I find out which products are in stock?

We continue to receive irrigation products into our stores weekly, and we encourage you to sign in on Reinders.com to find what you need! This supply backlog will continue to improve in the coming weeks until we are all caught up.

Utilize 'Warehouse Availability' to quickly identify in-stock products at your preferred location.

Continue to work with your Reinders sales rep and stores to determine product availability and potential substitutions for the short-term.

As your valued partner, we are committed to leveraging all we can to minimize your struggles and reduce the impact on your business.

Thank you for your business!

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