2018 WiFi Irrigation Guide: Compare, Contrast & Connect

2018 WiFi Irrigation Guide

WiFi Irrigation? That’s Fancy.

WiFi at your home is nothing new. However, controlling your entire irrigation system through your smartphone? That’s fancy.

42% stat

WiFi Res/Com irrigation has taken off over the last year. According to a 2016 NAR survey, 42% of realtors’ clients (homeowners) were interested in smart home devices. A WiFi controller is a bonus for any homeowner, but with all of the bells and whistles how can you make a well-informed decision without the proper information? We decided to gather several different product offerings and present their features in a clear, organized manner.

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** Updates for 2018 **

Many of the facts and features in our graphic below still hold true today. However, the smart technology landscape is always evolving and that includes the WiFi irrigation market. As we approach the upcoming season, be sure you’ve got a firm grasp on what’s new and a must-have in smart irrigation.


  • The platform is now programmable
  • The platform is compatible with Amazon Alexa (and soon, Google Home)
  • Toro Evolution controller now has a backlight

Rain Bird

  • LNK works with the ESP-ME or ESP-TM2
  • Both the ESP-ME and ESP-TM2 have EPA WaterSense certification (when used with local rain sensor)


  • In-app messaging to customer
  • 36-station in HC model
  • EPA WaterSense certification
  • 250,000 total weather stations to choose from
  • Water flow and electrical station monitoring with alerts allowing real-time text and in-app notifications of problems

2018 Know your WiFi Ad

NEW! Hunter HPC Face Panel

Hunter has recently unveiled their unique HPC Face Panel for converting existing Pro-C controllers to WiFi compatibility. There’s no cumbersome reinstallation or rewiring process needed. In less than 20 seconds, a contractor or homeowner can easily switch out the Pro-C Face Panel for the HPC Face Panel. With over 1,000,000 Hunter Pro-C controllers installed today, there will be a few homeowners looking to upgrade their existing controller. WiFi enabled smart irrigation control makes it easier to water accurately and timely.

For more information, please contact your local Res/Com irrigation sales representative.

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